Material handling funicular

Faced with the complexity of moving or evacuating material, POMA innovates and provides eco-friendly solutions to meet the most technical transport problems. The material handling funicular is an efficient alternative that brings together all of the Group's expertise.

The material handling funicular optimum availability for efficient transportation

Funiculaires-à-materiaux_accThe material handling funicular is a jigback system on the ground. Two carriers travel using hauling ropes. This installation can transport extremely heavy loads (over 40 tons) in all types of weather.

Compared with road transport, this ropeway system is an environmentally-friendly solution with a great many advantages :

  • Lower costs and impact on the ground
  • Environmental conservation
  • Lower energy consumption in the long term

This solution also enables the management of worksite schedules to be optimized. The funicular ensures real-time, on request material transport.

The material handling funicular in brief

  • Increased transport capacity
  • Very hight availability rates
  • Environmentally friendly alternative
  • Perfect solution for hard-to-access areas