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The unique technology that combines the advantages of belt conveyors and ropeway installations.
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The Flyingbelt® is a patented system that is easy to integrate in the mining and cement sectors and at large construction sites.

It consists of a conveyor belt supported by 4 ropes that can be covered to protect the transported materials from rain or to prevent falls.


The strengths

of the product

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Overcome any obstacle by using the airspace


The Flyingbelt® adapts to terrain-related issues: crossing and passing over obstacles covering large spans on sites with any topographical and geological configuration.

Standard components

A Flyingbelt® system is designed to use standard conveyor belt equipment, thus guaranteeing ease of maintenance and component durability.


Low environmental impact

The Flyingbelt® requires little ground support and has a lighter structure than a conveyor belt, thus significantly reducing the environmental and visual impact of the installation on the site.

Simplified Operation
and Maintenance

Like all ropeway transport, the system has low power consumption.

Maintenance is carried out online from an autonomous carrier specially designed in accordance with the latest ropeway transport standards.

Technical characteristics

  • Capacity: 10,000 tonnes/hour
  • Material grain size: up to 7 mm
  • Belt speed: 4.5 m/s
  • Span: < 1,000 m
  • Belt width: 600 – 1,800 mm
  • Incline: < 20 – 25°

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Brazil – Adrianópolis – 2020

Each day, limestone was transported to the cement plant of Secil Supremo Cimentos by hundreds of trucks, with a huge environmental impact: gas emissions, damage to the road, material spills. The loads are now carried via a FlyingBelt®, a transport solution with a very low environmental impact that is perfectly adapted to topographic constraints.


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The unique technology that combines the advantages of belt conveyors and ropeway installations.

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