Material Transport


The ideal system to overcome any constraints on the ground and transport large-capacity materials by air.

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Material ropeways are the most economical, efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for transporting materials over long distances, along steep slopes or to any difficult-to-access area.


The strenghts

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Overcome major
by air

Does transporting large quantities of raw materials require circumventing many obstacles (roads, rivers, mountains, forests, valleys) or the expensive construction of elaborate structures? Material ropeways are the ideal alternative!

Carriers adapted
to the materials transported

Ropeways are transport systems that use carriers adapted to the very nature of the materials to be transported.

Automated loading
and unloading

The loading and unloading stations are fully automatic, making it possible to control the quantity of the materials transported.

Technical characteristics

  • Capacity: < 800 tonnes/hour
  • Loading capacity: 2 m3
  • Speed: 6 m/s
  • Span: up to 600 m
  • Incline: 100%
  • Service life: >40 years

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of Material Ropeways


Brazil – State of São Paulo – 2013

Equipped with 290 buckets, this 10-kilometre-long rope line transports 9,000 tonnes of limestone daily to the cement plant of the city of Apiai, in the state of São Paulo. This quiet, eco-friendly solution helps preserve the natural site.



France – Saint-Egrève – 1987

The industrial ropeway, which is almost 2 km long, transports materials, crossing the Isère, a 6-lane motorway and with a significant difference in elevation on the slopes of the Vercors Massif to the cement works of Saint-Egrève.



for the transport of materials


The unique technology that combines the advantages of belt conveyors and ropeway installations.

Material Ropeways

The ideal system to overcome any constraints on the ground and transport large-capacity materials by air.

Material Funiculars

Material funiculars are systems capable of carrying heavy loads and passengers. These funiculars can provide access to difficult sites, such as hydroelectric power stations on high mountains or the transport of massive blocks of granite or marble extracted from mines and quarries.

Cable cranes

The cable crane consists of ropes stretched between two sides of a valley and a trolley carrying a hook capable of moving along the ropes as well as up and down the valley. The hook can be used for transporting equipment (excavator, crane, any other heavy equipment) and/or materials (concrete or precast concrete) on construction sites or even dams, viaducts or quarries.