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Colorado iconic stations

In the United States, LPOA is modernizing iconic stations



American Eagle

Copper Mountain, located 120km from Denver, is one of Colorado's favorite resorts.  With naturally divide piste rankings helps keep skier abilities separated in zones.  Unlike most ski resorts, Copper offers beginner terrain far West, intermediate in the middle and expert and open bowl skiing to the East. With a summit elevation of 3,753m Copper ranks in with the highest ski terrain in America. The American Eagle is Leitner Poma's first Telemix lift.  Six place chairs and eight place Sigma gondolas, services gentle slopes and the Solitude Station restaurant. The Eagle is one of three Direct Drive ropeways provided in America this year. The new lift increases capacity by 33% to 3200 pph.  The gondola operation is a favorite with the passengers heading to lunch at the Solitude restaurant.


  • Lenght : 1905 m
  • Capacity : 3200
  • Vertical rise : 452 m
  • Number of cabins : 26
  • Speed : 5 m/s
  • Number of passengers per seats: 6


American Flyer

The American Flyer, located at Copper Mountain Colorado, may well be the longest bubble chairlift in the world.  Its impressive slope length of 3009 meters and its 182 six place blue bubble chairs makes it among the largest ever. It replaces an aging 1986 POMA 4-seater detachable chairlift and it is equipped with one of America's first Direct Drive models. At a very high top elevation of 3541 meters, subjects passengers to very cold and windy weather conditions.  The bubble enclosures are very popular with Coppers guests.  The string of blue bubble chairs places a very visible signature on the mountain unlike any other major resort.


  • Lenght : 3009 m
  • Capacity : 2400
  • Vertical rise : 580 m
  • Number of seats : 182
  • Speed : 5 m/s
  • Number of passengers per seat : 6


Winter Park is one of Americas oldest ski resorts, it opened in 1939. Train service from Denver makes this one of Colorado's favorite ski resorts. Very popular with Denver and the Front Range skiers, Winter Park is among the largest resorts in America. Exclusively, Leitner Poma has provided all their lifts since the early 1980's. The Zephyr DCL4, which is named after the trans-continental train connection that travels through the base area, was replaced this summer. The new 10-passenger gondola lift is a significant upgrade for the resort and provides day and night access to the mountain top “Sunspot” restaurant.The gondola, which uses Sigma 10 place cabins, is 1714 meters in length and 3600 pph in both directions.


  • Lenght : 11714 m
  • Capacity : 3600
  • Vertical rise : 489 m
  • Number of cabins : 75
  • Speed : 5,5 m/s
  • Number of passengers per seats: 10