Inauguration of the Toulouse cable car,

A great success for Téléo!

Téléo, the longest urban cable car in France and Europe, was inaugurated in Toulouse on Friday, May 13, in the presence of the mayor and elected officials of the region.


The 3S urban cable car, designed and built by POMA, takes to the skies for 3 kilometers in remarkable silence, to offer a fast and eco-responsible mobility solution for the southern arc of the Toulouse metropolis.


On the weekend of its opening, 60,000 Toulouse residents came to be among the first to take an exceptional trip over the pink city and the Garonne.

A cable car


Tisséo, the Greater Toulouse public transport authority, chose the POMA Group to provide an innovative and sustainable mobility solution to meet the needs of the southern part of the city. Despite the project being disrupted by the global pandemic, Téléo's cable cars will be taking off this friday 13 may. Drawing on its unrivalled know-how, POMA is proud to have led the design and implementation of this pivotal project involving several local stakeholders. Téléo is a clean, energy-efficient and extraordinarily silent mode of transport. It blends in with its environment, reducing road traffic and related nuisances.


The world leader in cable transportation, POMA, is thus developing its range of urban aerial tramways in France, after many successful projects worldwide.

Connection of


Téléo aims to improve access to important facilities in the southern part of the Greater Toulouse area where several major activity hubs are located: Paul Sabatier University (30,000 students), Rangueil Hospital (200,000 medical consultations annually) and the Oncopole area (over 10,000 jobs).


The 2.7 kilometre-long route, comprising 3 stations in an elegant and understated architectural style, crosses over the Garonne river and connects to the existing transport system. As part of an intermodal infrastructure, Téléo will be supplemented on the east and west by express bus lines. A new 500-place park-and-ride car park was created near the Oncopole to promote optimum multi-mode transport.


Téléo cable cars run at a frequency of one every one-and-a-half minutes during rush hours, operating from 5.15 am to 12.30 am. 8,000 passengers per day are expected on the line.

A tailor-made response


Only 5 pylons to cross the 3 km route: the POMA urban cable car with 3S technology is also distinguished by its minimal land use. The integrity of the natural zones is preserved, since they will only be overflown. Téléo is also distinguished by its acoustic performances, its unique electric motorization is installed in the Paul Sabatier University station, and equipped with specific acoustic occultations.


The spacious 34-seat Symphony 3S cabins, designed by Pininfarina, offer a high level of travel comfort, while guaranteeing optimal accessibility for all passengers. A space is reserved for people with reduced mobility, whose access is facilitated by large sliding doors. Cyclists and their bikes are also welcome on board. In addition, each cabin is equipped with the same on-board equipment – dynamic information screens, audio announcements and a video protection system – as on the entire Toulouse public transport network.


As part of a 20-year maintenance contract, POMA works with Tisseo Voyageurs and Altiservice. Their additional expertise ensures Téléo's optimum availability and safety.

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To remember:

The Téléo line is 3 kilometers long and connects Paul Sabatier University and the Oncopole in just 10 minutes, flying over the Garonne River. The first 3S urban cable car in France is a fast and reliable way to get around the Toulouse public transport network.


With Téléo, the city of Toulouse is committed to offering city dwellers an ever cleaner and more sustainable means of transportation. With 8,000 passengers expected per day, the Toulouse cable car will allow for the fluidity of traffic on the ground, thus reducing CO2 emissions.


Perfectly interconnected with the city’s transport network and designed to integrate optimally into its environment, France’s longest urban cable car is a technological jewel with multiple assets and a model of sustainable mobility for cities in France and around the world.


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