Opening of

the 6th Metrocable line

The city of Medellín opened Metrocable’s 6th line, “Line P” (Picacho), in the presence of the Colombian President, on 10 June.

This new gondola lift is connected directly to the metro line A and has 4 stations spread over a 2700 metre-long line, connecting the north-west of Medellín to its city centre, over 344 meters of difference in altitude.

The line is equipped with eco-friendly, decarbonised technology and the country’s first DirectDrive® motor: a silent energy-efficient motor. It is a genuine overhead tram with 130 Diamond gondolas to ensure constant capacity with 10 seats and 2 standing places to meet the demands of peak-time traffic.

The gondolas, like their stations and their subassemblies, were manufactured in the POMA Group’s factories in France; the line structures were built on site in Medellín.



The future of urban transport is a real social and environmental issue and is at the heart of ongoing discussions among communities. The pioneering city of Medellín was the first municipality to use a new urban mobility solution by integrating an overhead ropeway line into its network in 2004. Metrocable’s first line, “Line K”, which is connected to the metro, created a link between the inhabitants and the city centre. This new urban mobility, made possible by the new lines, has reinforced the social cohesion in local areas by connecting sectors that had long been isolated.

After the success of this first gondola lift, Medellín continued to develop the “proyecto de Ciudad” city project by adding 5 other lines to the network: line J (2007), line L (2010), line H (2016), line M (2019) and finally line P (2021).

Open 7 days a week, 19 hours a day, the Metrocable provides the inhabitants of Medellín with a safe, fast and efficient mode of transport between the city centre and its outskirts. The network of cable cars now stretches over 14 kilometres, directly connected to the different lines of the Medellín Metro by multimodal stations. Each year, more than 220 million people use the city's transport system, demonstrating a successful social inclusion model that offers a new quality of life to the city's residents through social connections and increasingly attractive neighbourhoods.

Thanks to this sustainable mobility solution and its proven energy efficiency, air pollution has been cut for the inhabitants of Medellín. This is because the extent of the Metrocable transport system is such that it contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions and improves air quality by offering an alternative to road traffic.

Medellin Metrocable in pictures

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In Santo Domingo capital, inauguration of the POMA’s 2nd urban cable car line

A second urban cable car line has been inaugurated in Santo Domingo. The 4-kilometre cable car line connects the city centre and the western outskirts of the capital with the city’s transport network. For the first time in the world, a cable car line is operating at a speed of 7m/s in an urban environment !

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Le Salon Européen de la mobilité, le EuMo Expo 2022 se tiendra du 7 au 9 juin à Paris-Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris. Tous les deux ans, le EuMo Expo, rassemble plus de 250 exposants français et internationaux, tous acteurs du transport public et de la mobilité durable.

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The National Wind Energy Conference will be held for the 12th time this year. From 12 to 13 October at Parc Floral de Paris, various wind energy experts, scientists, associations and companies come together to talk about new and already realized projects in the sense of the energy transition in France.,

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POMA and TISSEO inaugurate the longest urban cable car in Europe in Toulouse

The longest urban cable car in France and Europe, Téleo, has been inaugurated in Toulouse. Fast and eco-responsible, the aerial line covers 3 kilometers in about ten minutes and serves one of the city’s major activity areas, perfectly interconnected with its transportation network.

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