Comfort and safety of skiers


Performance and durability to satisfy operators
An unforgettable transportation experience.

for skiers all around the world

An enjoyable moment together for some, a moment of relaxation for others, POMA chairs are proof that it is possible to combine comfort, safety, performance and durability, for passenger satisfaction.


POMA chairs are:

  • Chairs available in 4/6/8-seater configurations,
  • Chairs consisting of two damping levels for optimal damping and a smooth journey,
  • Wide seats with high backrests and ergonomic footrests, providing a high level of comfort,
  • An adaptable loading and unloading speed to make passenger ascents easier and chairlift operations more fluid,
  • Customisation of the chair as required:
    • individual seats or seat benches,
    • the protective hoods (with or without translucent hoods) lower down over the chairs to protect skiers in the toughest conditions,
    • different options for chair coverings (materials and colours), protective hood colours (three colours available),
    • heated seats with temperature control technology,
    • custom embroidery.
  • A large number of modular options to offer passengers more peace of mind,
  • Universal restraint system reduces the gap under the safety bar,
  • System for locking the safety bar to prevent the user from lifting it up at the wrong time,
  • Visual identification of seats with colour-customisable cushions,
  • higher opening of the safety bar to allow very tall passengers to get on and off without any risk from the chairlift,
  • Options for year-round use, with equipment for off-snow activities such as racks for mountain bikes.