Urban Aerial Tramway

Availability and big spans, POMA urban aerial tramway still constitute essential technology in urban transport.
Téléphérique urbain New York POMA
Availability and big spans

Urban Aerial Tramway

With two independent wide tracks, aerial tramway ensure availability and stability in all conditions. The reliable and proven technology reaches availability rates of up to 99.9%, 365 days a year.
Aerial tramways are suitable for sites that are difficult to access and can overcome any urban obstacles. They have become an eco-responsible and flexible way to get in a city, withstanding all weather conditions, even the most extreme.
POMA urban aerial tramway offer to passengers a unique travel experience with plenty of space, maximum comfort, and fast travel. A smooth travel route right to the station thanks to easy loading and unloading, with the carriers stopping completely and a wide doors openning. With a capacity of 50 to 200 seats and moving at almost 12 m/s, one-kilometre stretches are covered in under 3 minutes! These POMA urban aerial tramway have excellent availability rates and a long service life to handle all the mobility challenges of a metropolis.

The strengths

of the Urban Aerial Tramway

Continuity of ropeway service
through independent tracks

Ropeways with 2 independent hauling rope loops and two independent tracks guarantee a constant link. It is the only system that can guarantee continuity of operation even during maintenance work and remains unparalleled in multi-rope technology!

Double backup, peace of mind
with a complementary safety system

Each system is equipped with a standard solution including a main hydraulic motor and a backup. POMA’s “double backup” device offers an additional solution for bringing a carrier back to the station, and total peace of mind.

multi-functional line structures

Line video surveillance, lighting for night-time operation, wind speed readings, double wind direction measurement, maintenance video, line loudspeakers; all POMA solutions satisfy these customer expectations and can adapt to regulations the world over. The line structures incorporate these advanced optional multiple features.

Built-in recovery,
peace of mind with ultimate safety

In urban areas, vertical rescues are prohibited. POMA proposes an ultimate safety concept for ropeways, based on a risk and failure analysis, which triggers the systematic recovery of the carrier(s) back to the station with the local authorities’ consent. This system gives peace of mind to operators around the world.

Siemens Safety Integrated inside:
the best safety PLC in your POMA system

POMA uses the best technologies for its systems; The SIEMENS safety PLC combines performance with worldwide component availability. This SIEMENS solution includes many diagnostic functions to detect any possible internal failure of the hardware or firmware, so that a failure of the PLC does not cause any “hazardous” situations.

All our references

of Urban Aerial Tramways

Vanoise Express

France – La Plagne (Savoie) – 2003

The emblematic ropeway of the Vanoise Massif mountain range gave rise to the vast Paradiski skiing area in 2003. It held the record as the biggest cabin in the world until 2016.


Airtram New York

USA – New York – 2010

With the installation of this ultra-modern aerial tramway, POMA has provided New Yorkers with the most advanced technology in urban ropeway transportation. It is 960 m long and connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan in just three minutes, passing over the East River in great comfort with unique views of New York through the huge windows on both cabins.


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Urban Aerial Tramway

Availability and big spans, POMA urban aerial tramway still constitute essential technology in urban transport.

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