Sciences and industries

For scientific or industrial applications, POMA designs, manufactures and installs customized and reliable transport systems. Whatever the environmental issues, the industrial process requirements and the precautions required for the conveyed materials, POMA guarantees a suitable and efficient transport.

Rope-hauled systems for material transportation

- Single-cable material transport

The aerial detachable lift is the ideal device to cross major obstacles by air (roads, rivers, mountains, forests, valleys) which would otherwise demand an important diversion or expensive construction work.

Type : Bulk or packed materials
Total vehicle weight : 1.850 kg
Incline up to : 38,5°
Length over : 5 km
Spans over : 500 m

- Bicable or tricable transport and cableway systems

The multicable ropeways are able to treat heavy loads with a large crossing capacity. Ropeways are the most cost-effective, rational and environmentally friendly solution to transport materials over long distances, steep slopes or poorly accessible areas.

Type : Bulk or packed materials
Theoretical capacity per vehicle : from 2 to 20 tonss
Spans over : 1.000 m
Length up to : 10 km

- Agudio Flyingbelt®, technology with no barriers

The Flyingbelt® is a patented system combining the advantages of conveyor belts and rope-hauled systems into a unique product for its efficiency. This technology is ideal for the mining, extraction and cement fields, as well as big construction sites.

Type : bulk materials
Capacity : from 200 to 10 000 Tons/h
Span over : 1.000 m
Length up to : 10 km

- Radial, parallel and swinging cable cranes

Agudio Rope-hauled installations are often the best solution to transport big equipment inside complex construction sites.
At the forefront of the industrial and material transport systems, Agudio cable cranes make it possible to manage complex sites in a simple and advanced manner with considerable advantages in terms of implementation costs and timing.

Type : all materials and containers
Capacity: from 20 to 50 tons
Span up to : 2.000 m

- Funiculars and special installations

Agudio’s activity is not limited to rope-hauled systems for material transportation, but it includes also hybrid installations for the transport of materials and people, ideal solutions to facilitate the access of personnel and equipment to sites difficult to reach by road, such as hydroelectric power plants.

Type : all materials and containers
Capacity : from 2 to 120 tons
Distance : more than 4.000 m

- Researches and Projects

POMA group carries out feasibility and pre-feasibility studies for industrials searching for a rope-hauled transport solution. Expert in its field, POMA controls performance and security objectives for each specific project.

The cable can provide a concrete solution to all types of industrial transports and takes into consideration the most challenging environmental issues as mountain areas and, sensitive or highly urbanized areas. Building on 80 years of experience, POMA offers to industrial sites, mines, quarries, cement, port areas, aerial rope-hauled transport solutions, guaranteeing a high level of safety and installations availability.

Some emblematic sites :

  • Funicular at The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) – Grenoble (France)
  • Material Ropeway Vicat – Grenoble (France)
  • Material Ropeway 2S – Estado de Sao Paulo, Apiai (Brazil)
  • Material Ropeway Doe Run Peru – La Oroya (Peru)
  • Flyingbelt – Gignac (France)
  • Winch and Écluse automation equipment – Kembs (France)
  • Flyingbelt – Barroso (Brazil)

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