3S Detachable Grip Aerial Ropeway

Performance, comfort and availability : the three main advantages of the 3S detachable grip aerial ropeway by the POMA Group. This ropeway has a very low environmental footprint and guarantees reduced energy costs for the operator. This ropeway maintains incredibly high performance rates, even in the most adverse conditions. It has become the reference in urban ropeway transportation for cities all over the world.

The 3S detachable grip aerial ropeway technology serving comfort and safety

Comprised of three ropes (2 track ropes and 1 haul rope), this 3S detachable grip ropeway combines the advantages of a gondola to those of the ropeway. It provides very high transport capacities and makes even the longest spans and the highest flyovers look as easy as one, two,three.

telepherique_3s_accEquipped with large panoramic cabins, it remains stable even in incredibly high winds and provides a very comfortable ride. The wide doors make it fast and easy to board and leave the cabin whether your passengers are walking, rolling or running!

The 3S ropeway has benefited from several innovative systems such as carriers that come to a full stop in the station and integrated evacuation systems. If operation stops, this evacuation device brings the carriers into the station, without taking the passengers out of the cabins. This totally prevents vertical evacuation along the line.

This is mass transportation. The 3S detachable aerial ropeway provides the guarantee for optimal performance and maximum comfort.

The "ProdainsExpress"an iconic project

POMA designed and installed the "Prodains Express" ropewaythe new urban detachable grip tramway connecting Morzine and Avoriazby replacing the old Prodains ropeway.

The 3S detachable grip aerial ropeway in numbers

  • A capacity of 5,000 people/hour
  •  Transportation speed of 8 metres/second
  •  Spans as long as 3 km