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This new collaboration with the designer Pininfarina puts the comfort and well-being of passengers at the heart of its design
cabien Symphony POMA
The Symphony cabin

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Among the latest POMA carriers, the Symphony cabin is aimed at the prestige segment, to deliver an unrivalled experience. Its spaciousness, sleek design and silent operation provide operators with the most comfortable of systems, to offer their customers simply the best.

This new collaboration with the designer Pininfarina puts the comfort and well-being of passengers at the heart of its design. The approach is a forerunner of the rope transport of the future.


The Symphony cabin is defined by:

  • Capacity:
    • a 10-seater cabin for the 2S gondola lift and detachable ropeway; a
    • cabin with a capacity of up to 35 passengers for the 3S detachable ropeway,
  • A prestigious design by Pininfarina, with panoramic glazing that also includes part of the roof, to offer both a 360° panoramic view and a view of the sky,
  • Optimal airflow provided by air inlets in the lower part of the cabin and the window on the side of the cabin. Importantly, this prevents the formation of condensation on the windows,
  • The aesthetics and ultimate comfort of its interior design with an expanded seat width to increase individual seat comfort,
  • Top-of-the-range chairs made of real leather with built-in heating, and for the first time in the world of rope transport, the backrests are also thermo-regulated.
  • The opening with higher and wider sliding doors allows for a more comfortable boarding process, especially with pushchairs, bicycles or wheelchairs, and offers better stability,
  • Its very spacious passenger compartment. The Symphony cabin provides more space for each passenger with its taller cabin.
  • Customisation: custom marking on the cabin can reflect a visual identity; exterior and interior lighting solutions are possible, in addition to the integration of multimedia equipment,
  • Snow Application: For mountain environments, ski racks are available in different sizes to accommodate snowboards and wider skis too. A variant with ski racks inside the cabin is also possible. The advantages: The automatic sliding doors offer excellent stability, even if the ski racks are full, so the extra weight has no impact.

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Cabin 3S Symphony

Pininfarina design

«Symphony is the expression of the ability to combine iconic design with integration into the natural environment.
Symphony has a distinctive character able to offer elegance and comfort, making the ride an unique experience».
Paolo Pininfarina


  • Unrestricted view : panoramic vision for all passengers
  • Unique & endless line ribbon
  • Premium material and exclusive finishes for every details
  • Innovative and versatile climate concept equipment
  • Eye catching outside LED for an unique light signature


  • High quality varnish coating for the ribbon
  • Black 9005 satin coating for the structure
  • Design signature with the front calender
  • Large sliding door


  • VSG Safety Glass
  • High optical quality
  • Solar performance


  • Individual passenger comfort
  • Seat heating system (optional) The best material selection
  • Full range of color & customisation

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