Fixed grip chairlift

For decades, the range of two, four or six seater fixed grip chairlifts designed by POMA have won over both operators and users. In France and internationally, the comfort and performance of these chairlifts seduce millions of users in the largest ski areas.

The chairlift models that have proven their worth

telesiege_pince_fixe_accThe range of fixed grip chairlifts are based on three models :

  • UNIFIX : a simple, reliable and silent model
    The chairlift is ideal for a single tube stations because it has a low environmental and visual footprint. The stations vary depending on their uphill or downhill position.This model has a very low visual and environmental impact (single tube station). POMA proposes different configuration choices (uphill station, downhill station), enabling adaptation to any site.
  • ORION : compact and powerful
    This model offers a higher torque than the UNIFIX model. It has a fixed drive unit and tensioning return station.
  • ALPHA : a robust model with high performance
    This iconic ALPHA chairlift offers a twin-tube station and is a 4 seater.

    The fixed grip chairlift :

    -enables a 2, 4 and 6 seater configuration
    - can be fitted with boarding carpets for passenger comfort and optimized flow management
    -has carriers comprising the treatment of the submarining, the locking of the safety bar with MS Bar and color codes for easier boarding.

Prestigious installations All over the world

telesiege_pince_fixe_acc34-seater Unifix

  • B13 fixed grip chairlift, Arkhys (Russia)
  • La Combe - Mont Noble fixed grip chairlift, Nax (Switzerland)
  • Parchet fixed grip chairlift, Thollon les Memises (France)
  • Grenèche fixed grip chairlift, La Clusaz (France)
  • Les Planards fixed grip chairlift, Chamonix (France)  
  • K17 &K18 fixed grip chairlift, Krasnaya Polyana (Russia)

6-seater Unifix
  • Envers du Col fixed grip chairlift, Valfréjus (France)

Orion 6

  • La Salla fixed grip chairlift, La Plagne (France)

Alpha station :
  • Devil’s Glen fixed grip chairlift, Canada (Alpha 4)

Fixed grip chairlift by POMA

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Maximum availability