Founded in 1960, SACMI is a POMA subsidiary located in Gilly-sur-Isère, France. SACMI is specialized in mechanically welding ropeway components for ropeways and in pre-assembly and erection work of ropeway sub-assembly units.

SACMI follows the technological evolutions developed by POMA, by adapting their industrial manufacturing site and performing the pre-assembly and erection work with a constant concern for environmental issues. 

SACMI, unique and essential expertise

Highly qualified personnel and high-tech production tools make SACMI the go-to manufacturer of mechanically welded ropeway components used in strategic ropeway sub-assemblies (sheaves, carriages, etc.).

Using efficient and thorough inspection and verification procedures, SACMI provides high-quality pre-assembly operations for ropeway sub-assemblies (tire beams, motor units, parking tracks and coverings, etc.).

To comply with the POMA Group’s eco-responsible process, the major part of assembly is performed within SACMI facilities rather than on the construction site itself.

SACMI's daily commitment

  • Highly qualified staff
  • Innovation and Industrialization
  • Commitment and Availability



Z.A. Terre Neuve, 396 route des Chênes - 73200 Gilly sur Isère - FRANCE
+33 (0)4 57 45 87 00