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Sigma cabine 3s

For more than 50 years, this long-standing subsidiary of POMA has specialised in the design, manufacture and final assembly of cabins for passenger transport.
SIGMA’s know-how extends beyond a standard product catalogue. The company also designs and manufactures tailor-made cabins for the POMA Group’s special projects such as funiculars, APMs and observation wheel capsules.


Cabins that combine design, comfort and safety


SIGMA’s Design Office uses a 3-D modelling tool to design both the standard range but also for special projects such as the London Eye capsules or the i360 platform.
SIGMA meets its commitments and its cabins blend perfectly into the project area, thanks to a very close match between the computer-generated images and the final product manufactured. Designers can see the carriers taking shape right before their eyes and are able to make the necessary improvements at all stages of production.
All over the world, SIGMA cabins are recognisable for their meticulous aesthetic design and their high level of safety. Passenger comfort, the reduction of noise and movement, the shape of the panoramic glass windows and the discretion of the safety components are some of the signature features of SIGMA carriers.

Production workshop

SIGMA manufactures many of the components of its cabins in its workshops, and thus controls the quality from manufacture to final assembly. This industrial choice guarantees the manufacturing quality and reliability of POMA products. Sturdiness, design and innovation…

These major assets are the fruit of the valuable expertise of its technicians, extensive experience, particularly suitable production equipment and rigorous and regular control operations.

Tailor-made cabins

SIGMA is able to design tailor-made and non-standard carriers whether for gondola or ropeway cabins, funicular railways, APMs or Ferris wheel capsules.

A cabin that blends into the landscape, a funicular with impressive panoramic glass windows and large-capacity panoramic capsules are all cabins designed and produced with a focus on modernity and elegance.

Body shop

With several spray booths at its disposal, SIGMA paints small-capacity cabins as well as very large funicular trains.

The continuous improvement of its high-precision processes and technologies enables SIGMA to guarantee superior product quality.

Carrier customisation

During assembly in the workshop, the carriers are customised according to the options chosen by the customer.

From the installation of heated seats to equipment for people with reduced mobility, to MTB carriers, including the creation of glass floors for a breath-taking panoramic effect in the cabins, air conditioning, on-board multimedia or the use of solar panels to make the cabins autonomous in terms of energy: the customisation of carriers matches the imagination of our customers and the ingenuity of our experts!

SIGMA key figures

record medaille


first “egg” cabin


60 years

of experience






POMA Group


more than 20 000

carriers manufactured

What first struck me when I joined Sigma was the number of distinct skills present in the company. The company possesses all the professions necessary for the design and construction of cabins, whether it be the design office, manufacturing and machining workshops or assembly and painting lines as well as all the essential expert skills.
The second key point in Sigma’s organisation is the women and men who make up the company, their involvement and motivation to serve our customers in the best way possible.
The combination of these factors enables Sigma to continuously provide the best innovative and reliable products to the most demanding customers around the world.

Sales and Services Director


Innovations & Performance

Diamond EVO cabins

Sigma has developed two new configurations; DIAMOND EVO cabins.
The Diamond cabin has been upgraded with improvements for both operators and end users: lighter cabs, simplified assembly, a standard height of 200 cm, adaptation to urban use, interior space reconfigured to offer options for both standing and sitting, sliding doors for easier boarding and space saving.
The EVO cabin is thus designed to adapt to multiple needs and operating environments while meeting the SIGMA quality standard.

Cabins with autonomous energy

Photovoltaic technology, integrated discreetly into the cabin, is now the main source of energy for cabins, and avoids having to charge the batteries in stations during the night. Smaller in size, the new generation photovoltaic panels are lighter while generating the same power, and easy to install. They offer a contemporary and innovative response to reduce the already low energy consumption of POMA ropeway transport solutions.

A partnership of elegance

Designed by Pinifarina, the Symphony cabins feature curves and angular or tapered shapes inspired by the automotive industry.

Attention to interior and exterior details gives the product its style and strengthens the corporate image.

Comfort, a challenge for SIGMA innovations

SIGMA carriers, used in a broad range of sectors such as mountains, urban mobility, tourism and leisure, are designed for everyday life, holidays or free time.

From the standard to the premium product, comfort represents a strong focus in the development of carriers to offer ever more modularity and well-being to passengers; this involves ergonomics, the choice and quality of materials, a series of options and a meticulous finish.

Sustainable investments

With the creation of a new storage space of more than 700 sq. m, we have been able to eliminate the cost of external storage and to limit our carbon footprint in transport to refocus our activities on our Veyrins site

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Grande roue de Londres POMA

London Eye

Right in the heart of London, on the banks of the River Thames, 32 rotating capsules climb to 135 m, taking visitors above the rooftops of London for an exceptional view of the entire capital.

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Téléphérique urbain New York POMA

Airtram New York

With the installation of this ultra-modern aerial tramway, POMA has provided New Yorkers with the most advanced technology in urban ropeway transportation. It is 960 m long and connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan in just three minutes, passing over the East River in great comfort with unique views of New York through the huge windows on both cabins.

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La Daille

For the first time in France, in La Daille, a gondola lift with 57 10-seater Symphony cabins designed by Pininfarina offers maximum comfort to passengers.

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tour ascensionnelle i360 POMA


POMA designed and manufactured the entire pod and drive system of the world’s tallest observation tower, known as the British Airways i360. A unique concept, located on the Brighton seafront in the south of England.

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3 place du Petit Veyrins – 38630 VEYRINS


Travailler chez POMA Sacmi


A subsidiary of the POMA Group since 1960, SACMI specialises in mechanical welding, machining, installation and assembly of mechanical sub-assemblies for ropeway transport systems.

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Opérateur SEMER


SEMER, POMA’s subsidiary, specialises in the engineering and manufacturing of electrical equipment and industrial automation for ropeway transport systems. It is recognised worldwide for its know-how in electrical engineering, safety-instrumented systems, process control and industrial automation.

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