the valley lifts

In recent years, the resorts have been rethinking their access from the valley; a reflection on more sustainability, comfort and respect for the environment.

The valley lifts represent a concrete response to these challenges:


  • • they give access to the mountain in a fast and fun way, and can also respond to other challenges such as ensuring the daily trips of the premises, the transport of equipment or waste.


  • • they also constitute a relevant low-carbon public transport solution to the problem of pollution in the mountains, resulting mainly from road trips to the accesses of the stations.
Recent valley lifts

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The municipality invested in the renovation of its emblematic funicular railway. The “Arcs Express” offers a direct link between Les Arcs and the railway network in just  7 minutes, 7 days a week.

The new trainsets which have a glass roof and which,thanks to the driver’s station moved to the center of the cabin, offers new panoramic spaces at the front and at the rear for an exceptional view of the valley. 100% electric, for an eco-responsible approach, the municipality of Bourg Saint Maurice also wished to pay particular attention to the integration of the funicular into its environment through an elegant design and careful LED lighting.

Arcs Express Funicular

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The Alpe Express already connects the centre of the resort to the ski front, and soon phase 2 of the project will connect the village of Huez. The gondola lift is a zero-particle mode of transport that effectively replaces the traffic handled by numerous road shuttle services previously.

The lift is equipped with the DirectDrive® solution and the Cable Position System, an on-board safety device. This unique mode of transport will be the first peri-urban system to operate without an agent in France.

The Alpe Express

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A valley lift now connects the resort of Gudauri to the town of Kobi. This infrastructure will also make some snowy areas more accessible, areas that sometimes could not even be reached in June!


Lift 9

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For a quick journey to the heart of the three valleys, the 2001 POMA gondola lift connecting Saint-Martin-de-Belleville with the Les Ménuires resort was renovated.

First in terms of its electrics, with the latest advances from SEMER, but also more noticeably for users, since the number of gondolas increased from 48 to 64, for more space and added comfort. Capacity has increased to 2,400 p/h.

Saint-Martin de Belleville


The city of Lianshi, in Guizhou province, wanted to move towards mountain tourism. This is how Meihuashan International Ski Resort was born on the heights of the city, around a 4-season offer, combining winter sports, with the creation of a ski resort, and outdoor sports activities.

POMA then accompanied the economic metamorphosis of Lianshi with the construction of two “Meihuashan Lift” gondolas of nearly 10km which now provide the link between the former mining town and the mountain carrying 1,500 passengers per hour. At the intermediate station, visitors can enjoy the panoramic restaurant, located a stone’s throw from the new cable car.

The second section then takes them to the ski area, hotels and small shops in the resort. New leisure activities within reach of the city, in just a few minutes.

Meihuashan Lift

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Like the Grangettes gondola lift, the new Le Praz gondola lift and its 47 EVO gondolas featuring LED lighting and equipped with solar panels will link the village of Le Praz, where a car park was recently added, and the centre of Courchevel year-round.

During the world championships, which Courchevel will host in 2023, this ropeway will carry the crowds directly to the foot of the snowshoe trail and will be the main gondola lift during the competition.

Le Praz

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A new gondola lift now connects the village of Loudenvielle to the resort of Peyragudes in less than 9 minutes.

The Skyvall gondola lift is the central feature of a new comprehensive range of tourist activities, in which skiing, hiking, mountain biking and wellness can be combined according to the season, with the appropriate equipment. Another major advantage of this valley lift is that it should reduce car traffic and thus significantly decrease CO2 emissions in the valley.


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