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Discover a city onboard an exceptional observation wheel
capsules de grandes roues d'observation POMA
Unique expertise in the design, creation, manufacture and installation of capsules.

of Observation Wheel capsules.

Many major tourist cities now offer a unique travel experience: big wheels! They are becoming a more and more impressive way to visit a city from another angle; Montreal, Las Vegas, Shenzhen, London and Dubai all have their own observation wheel. Achievements involving POMA’s unparalleled expertise: design studies and production, as well as on-site installation of capsules.


of big wheels

There are two types of big wheels for which POMA is a key partner.

  • Ferris wheels, for which POMA manufactures gondola capsules, as in the case of Hong Kong
  • Observation wheels, which are larger in size and for which POMA produces capsules with a unique design, as is the case for Dubai, Las Vegas or London.

Observation Wheels



London • 2000

32 air-conditioned capsules


Las Vegas • 2014

28 panoramic capsules


Dubaï •2021

48 panoramic capsules – 40 people/capsule


Shenzhen • 2021

28 capsules

Expertise in cabins and capsules

and mastered production

Since London and the production of the 32 ovoid capsules of the London Eye in 2000, POMA has developed unique expertise and complete mastery in manufacturing the capsules for big wheels. All the engineering expertise on design and safety acquired for producing aerial ropeway capsules has been used for the manufacture of capsules for big wheels.

POMA is now recognised as a world leader in the design and creation of observation capsules.


Standard or custom-made products

Each new big wheel project is more ambitious than the previous one to offer a unique experience. POMA adapts its capsules to meet the specific needs of each project and make each big wheel stand out

  • panoramic observation capsules
  • air-conditioned capsules
  • high-capacity capsules
  • VIP capsules that can offer bar or restaurant services that can be hired for events or business meetings

Additional services for an unforgettable experience

To ensure complete satisfaction and experience onboard the capsules , POMA offers connected services. Promotional or augmented reality screens to provide information while inside the capsules on activities adjacent to the observation wheel, on the city (restaurant, parks, events, outings, etc.) or information on the views and their history from the wheel. Like the 28 panoramic capsules of the High Roller in Las Vegas, each capsule is equipped with 8 video screens and can carry 40 passengers for a 45-minute ride.

Giant Wheel capsules


POMA has been in the big wheel market for many years. The London Eye was the precursor in our ability to handle complex projects, thanks to an agile organisation and a mastery of technology. We have regularly continued to work on smaller wheels: Baku (Azerbaijan), Chicago, Hong Kong, etc. Today the big wheels of Dubai and Shenzhen confirm POMA’s place in this amusement sector


POMA project manager

Frederic Longeot

All our references

of Observation Capsules

Hong Kong Wheel

China – Hong Kong – 2014

POMA produced the 45 cabins for the Hong Kong observation wheel in China. The observation wheel offers spectacular views over the bay and megacity centre, both during the day and at night.


Ain Dubai

United Arab Emirates – Dubai – 2020

For the world’s largest observation wheel, commissioned for the Dubai World Expo, POMA built 48 outsized capsules, the largest and heaviest ever produced. The teams came up with evermore ingenious product development solutions and met a very high level of customer demand.


Shenzhen Observation Wheel

China – Shenzhen – 2020

POMA produced the 28 capsules of the observation wheel for the Chinese megalopolis of Shenzhen. Developed specifically to withstand a very hot and humid climate, they presented a real technical challenge, which the group’s teams managed to overcome.


London Eye

England – London – 2000

Right in the heart of London, on the banks of the River Thames, 32 rotating capsules climb to 135 m, taking visitors above the rooftops of London for an exceptional view of the entire capital.


The High Roller

United states – Las Vegas – 2014

Caesars Entertainment has entrusted the POMA Group with the design and manufacture of the High Roller observation wheel capsules. A flagship attraction of “The Linq”, a new urban and entertainment district in Las Vegas.

capsules de grandes roues d'observation POMA

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