Funiculaire urbain de Fourvière
France – Lyon – 2018

Fourvière funicular railway

POMA carried out the special inspection of the iconic funicular railway in Lyon. During the inspection, its carriers as well as the drive station were completely renovated and upgraded in SIGMA’s workshops, according to the SYTRAL guidelines aimed at “providing users with an even greater level of comfort, while preserving the line’s historic heritage”.

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The Fourvière funicular railway, connected to the city of Lyon's metro system, is used by locals as a means of public transport, but also by the many tourists who come to admire the view of Lyon from Fourvière hill.

It took POMA five months to complete the renovation of the Fourvière funicular railway in Lyon. Its carriers (body structure, brakes, doors, chairs, lights, etc.) as well as the drive station (motor, gearbox, etc.).

The two trains—10 metres and 7 tonnes each—were completely renovated and upgraded in SIGMA's workshops before being returned to the tracks at the St. John's Cathedral station during a spectacular aerial operation performed by COMAG experts.

The new trains are more spacious, the lighting is optimised thanks to LED ceiling lights, the seat pads are still in wood but lighter and more comfortable, while their light colour makes the space seem bigger. The trains are also accessible to PRM, with an area reserved for wheelchair users, and the door steps are indicated by a strip of LED lighting.

The Fourvière funicular

in motion

Funiculaire urbain de Fourvière




1253 m


489 m


4100 pphpd



4,5 m/s

conseil et expertise POMA

Number of carriers


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Travel time

3 minutes

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POMA, innovation

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A design


The challenge of this renovation project was to preserve the identity of the carriers while providing users with the benefits of new technology, so the exterior panelling preserves the historic character of the line despite being upgraded.


funicular railway


In the same vein, in spring 2019 the four Saint-Just funiculars, also an iconic figure of the Lyon transport network, were renovated by POMA, with some of the renovation work being carried out directly on site.

Unprecedented installation operations

in the city

COMAG’s impressive know-how was deployed in a major operation, part of which involved placing the trains on their structure, in a particularly limited space right in the city centre. The many curious people who came to watch were able to appreciate the absolute control of the delicate handling operations required to install their precious “ficelles lyonnaises” (the threads of Lyon) despite the fact each one is 10 metres long and weighs 7 tonnes!


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