Télécabine urbaine Saint Domingue
Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo – 2018

Teleférico Santo Domingo

The oldest city in the New World, Santo Domingo, has a modern public transport system; the first Caribbean urban gondola lift line! 195 cabins criss-cross the sky and provide a connection between Line 2 of the metro and the north-eastern zone, twice crossing over the Ozama river.

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The capital of the Dominican Republic is growing rapidly, with many transport challenges: very heavy traffic and frequent traffic jams, especially at the entrances to the bridges that cross the Ozama river. However, there was no question of causing urban disruption with railway tracks or bus lanes. Overhead transport was the right choice.


Connected to the metro, the “Teleférico Santo Domingo” transports 3,000 people per hour in each direction by crossing the river twice over 5 km. This aerial tramway offers users a new way to travel quickly, comfortably and safely, the success of which was immediate: in two months, it had already been used by 1 million passengers. The Teleférico Santo Domingo is interconnected. It is now possible to travel with a single ticket on the entire capital's transport network.


Teleférico Santo Domingo

in motion

Télécabine urbaine Saint Domingue




5161 m

Difference in elevation

-16 m


3000 pphpd



5 m/s

Number of cabins


Number of passengers per cabin


nombre de Passagers par jour

Passengers per day

15 000

nombre de stations

Number of stations


taux de disponibilité

Avaibility rate


POMA, innovation

for the project

1st Caribbean

urban gondola lift

The gondola lift line is part of a multimodal network because it is connected directly to the city’s metro system, both of which have also been made by French companies. It illustrates the ongoing modernisation of urban transport in Santo Domingo.

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The four modern stations (Charles de Gaulle, Sabana Perdida, Los Tres Brazos and Gualey) of the “Teleferico Santo Domingo” allow you to connect more than 23 districts, while limiting ground coverage. This is proof that even without a difference in elevation, ropeways are reinventing transport in urban areas.

Strong social and

Santo Domingo’s gondola lift can carry up to 6,000 passengers per hour and benefits 287,000 people directly. With one ticket, the inhabitants can practically cross the city: from Charles de Gaulle to the Luperon district and from Los Tres Brazos to La Feria station in just 20 minutes.

Passenger and
availability record


A concrete illustration of the modernisation of urban transport in Santo Domingo that the population quickly adopted: in two and a half months of operation, the gondola lift was welcoming its millionth passenger! Within 9 months, more than 3.5 million passengers had used the Santo Domingo cable car.

In order to guarantee the high availability rate which reaches 99.8%, and the optimal performances of the device, a team of 60 Dominicans trained by POMA ensure the maintenance.

Santo Domingo in pictures

Télécabine urbaine Saint Domingue
Télécabine urbaine Saint Domingue
Télécabine urbaine Saint Domingue
Télécabine urbaine Saint Domingue
Télécabine urbaine Saint Domingue

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