Metrocable POMA Medellin
Colombie – Medellin – 2004

Medellín Metrocable K Line

This urban gondola lift incorporated into a public transport system was a world first and quickly became a model for many large cities in terms of sustainable transportation and social inclusion. With the Metrocable, the city was gradually transformed, connecting the different neighbourhoods and their inhabitants.

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The first gondola lift line connected to the city of Medellín's metro was a successful experiment in mass transport and urban integration. It was the first of five other Metrocable lines in the “proyecto de Ciudad”, the municipality of Medellín's “City project”.

This line, and this project, aimed to open up working class neighbourhoods and recreate a link, improve security and boost the city's appeal.

The gondola lift operates 7 days a week, 19 hours a day and has reduced travel times considerably for this neighbourhood of 150,000 inhabitants that was marginalised due to a lack of accessibility, located on a hill with very little space. Residents of the area are now better integrated into the city and can access its amenities faster.





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up to 2 800 pphpd

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for the project

1st gondola lift
of Medellín

Line K laid the foundations for a multimodal network in which rope transportation became an irreplaceable solution for serving areas that are difficult to access. The city now has 6 gondola lift lines, which make up more than 18% of the city’s public transport network and carry more than 250,000 passengers a day.

Major social and

The station environment has transformed with the arrival of shops and a bank, plus the Spain Library in 2010. The inhabitants of the neighbourhood reach the metro in less than 10 minutes instead of the 30- to 90-minute trip by minibus. A single ticket gets them to work or school quickly and easily.

100,000 hrs of operation

In 2019, the first metrocable line celebrated its 100,000 hours of operation, confirming its status as a world-class model of urban mobility.

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