Innovating and meeting new challenges are part of POMA's DNA. Through our experience in aerial transportation, the POMA Group has acquired unrivalled expertise, and state-of-the-art design and production techniques.  We create exceptional installations, delighting passengers all over the world with unique and breathtaking experiences.

POMA. Creator of dreams


For over 80 years, POMA has been innovating and providing solutions that go beyond our customers' wildest dreams. Our entertainment solutions have found a natural place in our hearts.

Our expertise and technical mastery make it possible for us to create incredible structures, whatever challenges and obstacles may be present. The Group pulls its strength from our close connection with our clients. We understand what they need. We work hand in hand with them. We unite expertise and know how. We master our projects from start to finish. We combine every trade that is needed to successfully finish our work.

The POMA Group stands by installation operators, through the range of services that guarantee availability, operation and evolution of the carriers over time. The POMA Group provides the most unique carriers in the world for the most extraordinary aerial installations.

POMA. We inspire thrilling sensations

site-text-0280_105_HRThe POMA Group is a shining star in the entertainment sector. Our secret recipe?  Mixing passion and innovation to provide passengers with thrilling sensations. 

In London, thanks to our close collaboration with our subsidiaries, the POMA Group met a new challenge: the creation and installation of the oval capsules for the London Eye, the Great Wheel created for the transition to the Year 2000. The 32 capsules are equipped with air-conditioning, and can hold up to 25 passengers for a ride aboard the most famous tourist attraction in Great Britain.

In Las Vegas, the POMA Group met another incredible challenge: designing, manufacturing and installing the cabins for the world's largest Great Wheel. Reaching 168 meters high, the High Roller has become the main attraction of the City of Lights. The POMA Group, and our exceptionally efficient coordination with subsidiaries, designed, manufactured and installed the 28 panoramic, customized, spherical cabins. Each capsule is equpped with 8 TV screens and can carry 40 passengers for a 45-minute ride in the dreamlike Las Vegas skyline.

The POMA Group is currently building the highest observation tower in the world in Brighton, Great Britain. It will reach a height of 138 m.


Extraordinary installations. All over the world

  • Capsules "The Millennium Wheel London Eye" - London (Great Britain)poma-entertainment-page-real
  • Capsules "The High Roller" – Las Vegas (USA)
  • British Airways I360 - Brighton (Great Britain)
  • Capsules "Golden Reel" - Studio City, Macao (China)
  • Ferris Wheel – Bakou (Azerbaijan)
  • Ferris Wheel – Hong Kong (China)
  • Ferris Wheel – Helsinki (Finland)

POMA Entertainment

  • Exceptional carriers and Masterful design
  • Unrivalled expertise in passenger transportation in unique and aerial configurations
  • Personalized design and Optimal comfort
  • Unique expertise for unique experiences
  • Flexibility and Teamwork