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Small capacity crosslink gondola lift

CROSSLINK, simple and efficient specific ropeways adapted to small capacity
Access to a tourist site

Small capacity crosslink gondola lifts

The CROSSLINK ropeways range is a perfect example of POMA’s ability to develop specific systems. For short distance, low-capacity, low-cost connections.
POMA’s lightweight mono-cable (pulsed or reversible) and multi-cable (reversible 15 or 20 places) technologies mean each solution can adapt and respond to all the constraints of the terrain and measure up to all ambitions.


the Crosslink gondola lift  

POMA is revolutionising gondola lift technology for applications of less than 1,000 m and 1,000 people per hour and direction.

This technology allows significant obstacles to be overcome, such as buildings, rivers, roads and motorways, in cities or complex landscapes.
POMA engineers have solved the difficult equation that consists in reconciling the budget of a gondola lift and the capacity of a ropeway, by combining the strengths of both technologies.

A gondola lift assisted by a carrying rope and a double sheave at the station, which is compatible with a wide track and therefore offers the possibility of developing large spans, all within a budget that matches the performance our customers expect.

This particular range is called Crosslink Gondola Lift, to promote an innovative solution combining gondola lift and ropeway technology for urban and tourism applications.

 Technological highlights:

  • A smaller surface area on the ground than that of a traditional gondola lift;
  • A small drive sheave, enabling the use of a small-sized motor and ensuring optimal energy efficiency;
  • Re-use of gondola lift components, so that availability and customer service can be guaranteed for the entire lifetime of the installation, at an affordable rate.




of Crosslink Gondola lift

Diamond EVO cabin

The strenghts

of Small capacity Crosslink gondola lift

multi-functional line structures

Line video surveillance, lighting for night-time operation, wind speed readings, double wind direction measurement, maintenance video, line loudspeakers; all POMA solutions satisfy these customer expectations and can adapt to regulations the world over. The line structures incorporate these advanced optional multiple features.

Siemens Safety Integrated inside:
the best safety PLC in your POMA system

POMA uses the best technologies for its systems; The SIEMENS safety PLC combines performance with worldwide component availability. This SIEMENS solution includes many diagnostic functions to detect any possible internal failure of the hardware or firmware, so that a failure of the PLC does not cause any “hazardous” situations.

All our references

of Small capacity Crosslink gondola lift


Géorgie – Chiatura – 2020

To retrofit its urban overhead transport system, the city of Chiatura chose POMA. Four small urban ropeways, developed specifically to satisfy the needs in terms of capacity and the constraints regarding distances, have replaced some (very) old Russian ropeways.


Téléphérique de la Bastille

France – Grenoble – 1976

The Bastille aerial ropeway provides access to a 19th-century military fort overlooking the town of Grenoble from 264 metres above and standing at an altitude of 476 metres on the edge of the Chartreuse mountain foothills. It is the Grenoble metropolitan area’s top tourist site, attracting more than 600,000 visitors per year.


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Small capacity crosslink gondola lift

The CROSSLINK ropeways range is a perfect example of POMA’s ability to develop specific systems. For short distance, low-capacity, low-cost connections.

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