Télécabine parc Beauval POMA
France – Beauval – 2019

The “Nuage de Beauval”

With the “Nuage de Beauval” (literally, the Cloud of Beauval”), Beauval and POMA combined their expertise to design and build a gondola lift that is one of a kind in France. The gondola lift connects the panda and elephant areas to the lion kingdom in just a few minutes. In addition to being a great mobility solution within the park, it also offers a unique experience in France for the 1.5 million annual visitors who enjoy fantastic views over many areas of the park, aboard gondolas with glass flooring.

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The Zooparc de Beauval is one of the four most beautiful zoos in the world, with its 10,000 exceptional animals. It welcomes more than one million visitors each year.

The 24 gondolas of the “Nuage de Beauval” gondola lift, connecting two far-apart areas of this 40-hectare zoo in three minutes, are designed to meet a real mobility challenge by making it easier to move around the site and improving visitor comfort, especially for families and people with reduced mobility.

However, the Zooparc de Beauval also wanted to make this new mode of transport a unique experience by offering an unprecedented view of the park. Some gondolas with panoramic glazing even have glass flooring. This is a unique panoramic aerial trip experience in France on a private leisure site.

The Nuage de Beauval was a phenomenal success, even posting a 99.70% availability rate over the 2020 summer period!




758 m




1320 pphpd



4 m/s

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Number of passengers per cabin





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Eco-friendly transport

The “Nuage de Beauval” gondola lift is an eco-friendly soft mobility solution. Its system keeps the environmental impact to a minimum, notably through the limited space it requires on the ground, the sound comfort it offers thanks to its silent “DirectDrive®” system, and its technical configuration. The various project construction phases were carried out under the close supervision of the zoo management team, for whom the top priority remains the welfare of the zoo’s animals, looked after by this family business since 1980.


1,000,000 passengers

Having received its first passengers on 30 March 2019, the Nuage de Beauval welcomed its millionth passenger in early December—a resounding success! The Zooparc de Beauval ordered new gondolas to increase the capacity of the gondola lift during the 2020 seasons.

Team training

POMA trained local personnel in operation and maintenance of the gondola lift and will provide support to the zoo for 5 years for scheduled maintenance operations.

The “Nuage de Beauval” in pictures

Télécabine parc Beauval POMA
Télécabine parc Beauval POMA
Télécabine parc Beauval POMA
Télécabine parc Beauval POMA
Télécabine parc Beauval POMA
Télécabine parc Beauval POMA

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The Nuage de Beauval

In Beauval, no. 5 in Europe, POMA is committed to ensuring the availability and safety of the equipment for 5 years, including the setting up of a remote monitoring service. Since opening, the gondola lift has had a high availability rate, key to its immediate popularity with visitors. The enthusiasm of the public is such that Beauval has already ordered new gondolas for its next season.

Director of POMA Services

Michael Fauché
Télécabine parc Beauval POMA

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