Leader of state-of-the-art technology, POMA creates innovative and efficient solutions for the transportation of material using ropeways. POMA ropeways provide an economical alternative with a low environmental footprint for moving material in complete safety.

Aerial ropeway the ideal means of aerial material transportation 

POMA provides a range of ropeways adapted to the loading capacities for the desired equipment and material :

  • transport_aerien_acc2The monocable fixed grip lift is ideal for crossing major obstacles (roads, rivers, mountains, forests, valleys).

    This system is suitable for short distances and moderate capacity :

    -Capacity : 100 tons per hour
    -Speed : 1.5 metres/second
    -Capacity per carrier : up to 500 tons per carrier

  • The monocable detachable ropeway is suitable for very long spans. It is the ideal solution for both short and medium distances :    

    -Capacity : up to 250 tons per hour
    -Speed : 6 metres/second
    -Carrier capacity : 1 ton per carrier
  • The 2S ropeway is a dual-rope material transportation system. Suitable for long distances, this ropeway lowers energy consumption and improves the cost and energy performance of operation.

    -Capacity : 600 tons per hour
    -Speed : 6 metres/second
    -Carrier capacity : 2.2 tons per carrier

  • The jigback aerial ropeway operates with two track ropes and one haul rope in a loop. It handles very long spans and can transport heavy loads of up to 20 tons.

Some installations across the world 

  • Vicat goods aerial ropeway, Grenoble (France)
  • Doe Run Peru goods aerial ropeway, La Oroya (Peru)
  • Estado Sao Paulo goods aerial ropeway, Apiai (Brazil)

transport_aerien_accAerial material transportation by POMA

  • Varied range suitable for different demands
  • High clearance capacity
  • Increased transport capacity
  • High availability rate
  • Eco-responsible transport