Téléphérique à matériaux Apiai
Brazil – State of São Paulo – 2013

Apiai material ropeway

Equipped with 290 buckets, this 10-kilometre-long rope line transports 9,000 tonnes of limestone daily to the cement plant of the city of Apiai, in the state of São Paulo. This quiet, eco-friendly solution helps preserve the natural site.

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In Brazil, for its plant in Apiai—a key driver of the local economy—Intercement wanted to increase the capacity of its 2S material ropeway dating back to 1973. For two months, nearly 300 people worked on this huge construction project to completely renovate the industrial ropeway linking the mine to the cement plant in Apiai.

The result is an impressive structure comprising four stations, a line of 280 wagons that travel over 10 kilometres of forest to transport 450 tonnes of cement/hour.

The ropeway helps preserve the natural site on which it is installed. Until the commissioning of this ropeway, 900 trucks used to travel daily between the quarries and the cement plant.




9590 m


480 m



4 m/s

tonnage par heure


400 of material per hour

Number of wagons


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Apiai material ropeway

The symbiosis between the Brazilian industrialists and the POMA group representatives— AGUDIO, SEMER, COMAG—made it possible to complete the project in record time: dismantling of the old ropeway, changing of all stations and wagons, reinforcement of the entire line. The success of this huge construction project lies in this simple equation: reliability, performance and sustainability.

Head of the POMA do BRASIL subsidiary

Benjamin DUNESME
Téléphérique à matériaux Apiai

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Apiai material ropeway

After 30 years of operation, it was essential to renovate our ropeway. We needed to improve safety in our Apiai plant. Thanks to a new, state-of-the-art system, our ropeway has superior capacity and availability. It was a real challenge for both Intercement and POMA

Project manager for the Brazilian industrialist Intercement.

Horacio Luis Ardiani
Téléphérique à matériaux Apiai

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Brazil – Adrianópolis – 2020

Each day, limestone was transported to the cement plant of Secil Supremo Cimentos by hundreds of trucks, with a huge environmental impact: gas emissions, damage to the road, material spills. The loads are now carried via a FlyingBelt®, a transport solution with a very low environmental impact that is perfectly adapted to topographic constraints.



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