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Skiing areas, urban transport and amusement parks
Cabine Diamond
13,000 Diamond cabins

manufactured in SIGMA’s workshops

With more than 13,000 cabins manufactured in SIGMA's workshops since 2003, the Diamond cabin is POMA's signature gondola lift throughout the world. Its characteristic “faceted” design enables it to blend into all environments.

Within a few years, the Diamond cabin gained a presence on all the ropeways of skiing areas in the Alps and worldwide, even establishing itself in the field of urban transport, amusement parks and big wheels with a specially adapted version.

  • Seating capacity of 4, 6, 8 and 10, and up to 20 standing places,
  • Highly modular configurations and customisation options:
    • unrestricted lacquering options
    • choice of seat and backrest coverings
    • air conditioning
    • glass floor
    • solar panels
    • heated seats
    • Snow application: outside or inside ski holders
  • Exceptional comfort thanks to the “emerging post” concept.
    The structure was designed to be placed on the suspension by means of a connecting frame. An innovative suspension system that guarantees passenger comfort
  • The suspension system also greatly facilitates maintenance operations for operators. The Diamond cabins have been designed to make special inspections easier,
  • High level of dimensional flexibility.
    The modularity of the Diamond cabins provides a solution suited not only to the requirements of new installations but also to the renovation of existing systems. This is because the patented design of its shape allows the cabin's height, width and weight to be adapted and to be integrated into all configurations.


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