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the new version of the “Diamond” cabin
Cabine diamond EVO
The Diamond EVO cabin

POMA’s latest creation

In 2018, POMA unveiled the new version of the “Diamond” cabin – the “EVO” cabin. As the very expression of premium quality, the Diamond EVO cabin offers unique technical and aesthetic qualities, including significant visible innovations:

  • Optimised opening with automatic sliding doors, for easy boarding and a redesigned cabin,
  • A more spacious interior offering passengers extra leg room, when both sitting and standing,
  • Exterior lighting solutions (contour lighting) with LED strips and communication solutions powered by renewable energy devices.
  • The cabin ventilation can be adapted to different climates in response to new rope transport applications. This mainly involves a simple adjustment of the number of ventilation slots and their arrangement.
  • Optimal seat comfort, with a choice of materials for the chair coverings. In addition, it is possible to manufacture chairs individually, thus facilitating the replacement of cushions damaged during operations.
  • The cabins can be customised to fully integrate into the environment, and are available in different sizes, Standard and XLine,
  • Unique design quality, a blend of the Diamond and Symphony cabins, with premium components
  • unmatched comfort with 360° views, by virtue of its panoramic glazing.


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