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Brazil – Adrianópolis – 2020

Adrianópolis FlyingBelt®

Each day, limestone was transported to the cement plant of Secil Supremo Cimentos by hundreds of trucks, with a huge environmental impact: gas emissions, damage to the road, material spills. The loads are now carried via a FlyingBelt®, a transport solution with a very low environmental impact that is perfectly adapted to topographic constraints.

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In Brazil, Supremo Secil Cimentos, one of the largest cement manufacturers in the country, entrusted the design and installation of an impressive FlyingBelt® on its site in Adrianópolis, five hours from São Paulo, to AGUDIO, the Group's material transport expert.
The company now benefits from an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to the hundreds of trucks a day required to transport 720 tonnes of limestone from the quarry to the cement plant every hour. Despite significant topographic constraints, the FlyingBelt® crosses the valley over a distance of more than 1,700 metres and stands out for its record span of 850 metres, thereby outperforming all types of FlyingBelt® combined. After Barroso, constructed in 2016, this is the second FlyingBelt® installation in a cement plant in Brazil.

Open year round, this is the second FlyingBelt® installation in a cement plant in Brazil, after Barroso in 2016.




1722 m


273 m



4 m/s


Transport time

6 min 30s

tonnage par heure


720 tonnes of material per hour

POMA, innovation

for the project

The second-longest

suspended conveyor in the world

For this second installation in Brazil, after Barroso, which holds the record for the world’s longest suspended conveyor belt, Adrianópolis’s FlyingBelt® takes second place on the podium. Another record: the longest span in the world, 850 metres.




The FlyingBelt® helps to preserve the environment by significantly reducing pollutant emissions and overcoming the need for expensive, polluting road transport.

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