POMA made its debut in Colombia in 2004 with the first MetroCable, a genuine urban ropeway that opened up hard-to-access districts in the city and continues to provide easy and permanent mobility.  This exceptional performance brought the POMA Group recognition as a leader in urban intermodal transportation.


POMA Colombia. Eco-friendly development


With the success of the first MetroCable ensuring urban transportation of over a million passenger per month, the Medellin metro entrusted POMA to install another set of MetroCable lines : J (2007), L (2009), H (2016) and M (under construction).

In the tourism sector, POMA also installed an impressive gondola lift in the Chicamocha National Park canyon in 2008.

Motivated by the success of our installations and the desire to be closer to our clients and end users, we decided to create a subsidiary in Colombia.



POMA Colombia : a Columbian company that employs, innovates and serves within Latin America

  • ANNEE FRANCE COLOMBIE 170 320The team is made up of local professionals with multiple proficiencies.
  • It works on ropeway transportation projects, from design to commissioning, and is able to provide all of the services of the POMA Group.
  • It stands by local installation operators for the best level of service.
  • It develops social actions in the areas where our installations are located, integrating social and ethical responsibility with our package of services.  
  • It innovates through a close-knit collaboration with the EAFIT University in Medellin.

POMA Colombia also dedicates time and energy to the social aspects of this area - understanding the people and bringing them together to enable positive development.

POMA COLOMBIA: a social involvement for the local people

POMA 2016 ecole citoyenneté Medellin 320 170Beyond installing ropeways and providing services connected to ropeway transportation, Poma is making a commitment as sponsor of "France Colombia 2017". An approach that promotes openness and sharing, in connection with POMA Columbia's certified CSR actions implemented since 2015.

This CSR certification rewards Poma's implication inside the communities affected by the "metrocable" network, and favors strong social town planning, allowing the inhabitants to appropriate these urban transformations!


POMA Colombia's daily commitment

  • Customer-focused & Expertise
  • Social and ethical responsibility
  • Preservation of the environment and its natural resources
  • Commitment and Availability



Avenida 10 Diagonal 52-80 Bodega 22 Parque Empresarial NORTIKO, Bello – Antioquia, COLOMBIA
+57 (4) 444 09 58