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Ropeway transport in Switzerland

From the first surface lifts to POMA ropeways


In 1957, BACO AG was already producing surface lifts and chairlifts in the heart of the Swiss Alps, using in particular the patented BACO turn tower. 20 years later, when the first POMA 6-seater gondola lift was installed in Switzerland, the two companies came together and BACO AG became a POMA subsidiary.

Today, BACO AG markets and manufactures new POMA installations for ski resorts and tourist sites in Switzerland.

An expert team ensures the maintenance of the installations of BACO, POMA and the HTI Group, that is, nearly 280 ropeway transport systems throughout Switzerland, serving ropeway operators in order to guarantee safety and availability throughout the life cycle of the devices.



Development of ropeways in Switzerland

After joining POMA in 1987, BACO, a ropeway manufacturer, builds on the Group's technological solutions and no longer manufactures ropeways. BACO now represents, markets and sets up new POMA ropeway transport installations.


Spare parts and maintenance

Given its proximity, BACO provides servicing, overhaul and maintenance for BACO, POMA and HTI Group devices throughout Switzerland. It also undertakes more extensive renovation projects, such as replacing the electrical part of a complete system by SEMER.

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First gondola lift with POMA



installations in Switzerland

The Baco-Kurve, the curved line

BACO innovation

BACO was also a pioneer in the world of ropeway transport. In 1968, it developed the first system that enabled surface lifts with retraction devices and chair lifts to turn corners without double return: the Baco-Kurve. This system has been used under license by many ropeway manufacturers.

Leader du transport PMR en Suisse

En parallèle de son activité de transport par câble, avec 3900 installations en service, BACO est le leader du marché des ascenseurs et montes-escaliers pour personnes à mobilité réduite en Suisse.

BACO AG soutient le handisport

Il y a quelques années BACO AG a participé et soutenu la rénovation d'un téléski entièrement géré et exploité par des bénévoles au-dessus des mayens de Conthey en Valais. Régis Dessimoz, qui en était le président, paraplégique est aussi membre d'une équipe de curling en fauteuils roulants à Sion (Valais), « les Rollators ». En soutenant son équipe, BACO crée le lien entre ses activités de commercialisation de système de transport par câble POMA et celles d'équipements pour PMR.

Iconic projects

Diablerets Express

In French-speaking Switzerland, customer and operator comfort was the primary focus of the Diablerets station restructuring project. The eponymous gondola lift therefore replaces a chairlift to enhance skier comfort, and is equipped with a SmartBoard control console to ensure optimum operator comfort.

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