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POMA’s subsidiary in South America
POMA Colombia

From the first devices in the Andes to the development of urban ropeway transport

The history of POMA in Latin America began in the 1960s in the ski areas of the Andes. For years, POMA promoted the development of Andean stations, even as urban ropeway transport was beginning to emerge as a promising solution. The pioneering Medellin Metro paved the way in 2004 with the construction of line K, the start of a long, enriching collaboration with POMA in Colombia.


In 2013, POMA established itself for the long-term by setting up its subsidiary POMA Colombia, with its head office in Medellin.


POMA Colombia is consolidating its local presence in close proximity to its Colombian and Latin American customers and is crossing a milestone: as an equipment supplier, it now offers comprehensive solutions.


of POMA Colombia

POMA Colombia builds ropeway transport systems, operates after-sales services, and offers maintenance and operating solutions in Latin America. POMA is a benchmark in the urban and tourist transport sector from Mexico to the southern tip of Argentina.


POMA Colombia manages construction projects for new ropeway transport systems throughout South America, from the preliminary design to the execution of works in compliance with international quality and safety standards.


POMA's Latin American subsidiary provides a locally-based service for all customers in the region. Its teams are entirely dedicated to their installations, with unparalleled expertise to carry out all maintenance operations and facilitate on-site operation. POMA Colombia offers personalised maintenance solutions such as:

  • Major inspections of roller batteries
  • Major inspections and complete overhaul of cabins
  • Annual inspection of ropeways according to European standards
  • Replacement and shortening of the main carrying-hauling rope
  • Inspections, overhauls and adjustments of devices
  • Modifications and programming of devices


Spare parts

POMA Colombia supplies custom parts and spare parts for POMA systems. Its proximity is a guarantee of responsiveness for customers in the region.


POMA Colombia provides the operation and maintenance service for ropeway transport systems, guaranteeing their availability, safety and durability.


Drawing on the experience and expertise of its teams, POMA Colombia offers its customers training at all levels for the operation and maintenance of ropeway transport devices.

POMA Colombia key figures








1600 sq.m

of offices and workshops

record medaille


with 9 urban cable cars


urban cables car in Medellin

The close relationship we have forged with customers is a strength. We are by their side to guide them towards ever more innovative and sustainable solutions and this strong connection we have established contributes to the sustainability of our activities throughout Latin America. One of the challenges for the coming years will be to further digitise our processes, to offer ever greater security and availability. This is one of our commitments.

Manager of the POMA Colombia

Renaud Gorria
POMA Colombia

I was fortunate to be part of the creation and development of the POMA Colombia subsidiary, of which I was in charge for 7 years. With the construction of a dozen major new projects, and a marked increase in service activities, POMA Colombia has greatly contributed to the development of our activities in South America. We were also pioneers in structuring a committed CSR approach, driven by a very strong local movement here in Colombia. Propelled by the success of a management model for the operations and maintenance of our ropeway transport devices, other subsidiaries and structures have emerged in recent years, such as Telecabinas Kuelap in Peru or POMA RD in the Dominican Republic.

Former Manager of POMA Colombia

Frédéric Demoulin
An innovation

at the service of users

Endurance-M. roller batteries

The POMA Group has innovated by jointly developing the new Endurance-M roller batteries with Medellin Metro.

  • Improved comfort for passengers
  • Fewer vibrations at towers and in the gondolas
  • Reduced noise levels for local residents
  • Optimised maintenance costs
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POMA Colombia

POMA’s presence in Colombia, particularly in Medellin, is the most poignant symbol of French innovation for sustainable development. It is not only a transport system, but also a system of innovation in terms of social inclusion

Gautier Mignot, French Ambassador to Colombia, in 2018

Preservation of the environment and social responsibility


ISO 9001 certification

The ISO 9001 certification certifies the Quality Management System of our organization in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, to improve the performance of the processes implemented and provide a solid foundation for business sustainability.


ISO 45001 certification

The ISO 45001 certification certifies the Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with ISO 45001: 2018 and demonstrates the commitment to prevention of work-related injuries and health deterioration.


POMA Colombia receives Fenalco certification

Fenalco certifies corporate social responsibility.

Sustainable development does not focus solely on environmental actions but also carries a social dimension. Throughout the year, POMA Colombia participates in numerous social, cultural and environmental actions in neighbourhoods located near ropeway transport facilities, and also supports local projects initiated by environmental organisations, social and cultural associations.


Metrocable POMA Medellin

M Line – Metrocable

Lien social et économique, le Metrocable de Medellin est l’emblème d’une ville en mouvement. La 5e ligne de métrocâble a pris son envol début 2019 afin d’étendre son réseau de transport public, au service d’une mobilité durable et douce.

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Télécabine Mexique POMA Zacatecas


The new POMA detachable gondola lift in Zacatecas takes passengers on a stunning journey over the historic centre of this ancient Mexican city, in one of the seven emblematic red cabins.

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Metrocable POMA Medellin

K line – Metrocable

This urban gondola lift incorporated into a public transport system was a world first and quickly became a model for many large cities in terms of sustainable transportation and social inclusion. With the Metrocable, the city was gradually transformed, connecting the different neighbourhoods and their inhabitants.

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Télécabine urbaine Saint Domingue

Santo Domingo

The oldest city in the New World, Santo Domingo, has a modern public transport system; the first Caribbean urban gondola lift line! 195 cabins criss-cross the sky and provide a connection between Line 2 of the metro and the north-eastern zone, twice crossing over the Ozama river.

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Metrocable POMA Medellin

J line – Metrocable

In 2007, Metrocable’s second line initiated the urbanisation of an area to the west of the city. Unlike its predecessor, line K, the objective of commissioning line J was to support urban development in that area, rather than to bring the highly populated neighbourhood out of any kind of isolation.

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Parque Empresarial NORTIKO, Avenida 10 #52 – 80 Bodega 22. – Bello- Colombia




BACO AG markets and manufactures new POMA installations for ski resorts and tourist sites in Switzerland.

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POMA Egypt Exploitation

POMA Egypt

Thanks to this competence center based in North Africa, POMA EGYPT supports the development of POMA in the region.Thanks to its technical experience in a complex environment and its knowledge of the territory, cable transport is developing in Africa as well as Middle East.

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Leitner-Poma of America

LPOA leverages its experience and know-how to build ropeway transport installations in the United States and Canada, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

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