The future urban cable car with an ocean view

The work site is in full swing

In Saint-Denis de la Réunion, the outlines of the urban cable car take shape. Within one year, the stations and the lines have almost been completed! The commissioning should be by the end of 2021.

One step further towards the completion


The work site keeps moving forward with the achievement of several crucial steps. By the end of 2020, the municipal association CINOR (Communauté intercommunale Du Nord de la Réunion) and the FILAO-Group (Atelier Architectes, POMA and Egis) had completed the earthworks, the towers foundations' concrete work and a part of the assembly. To date, 42 towers have been installed out of the 42 planned and the 5 stations along the ride have been delivered.


Currently, the teams finalize the adjustments on the stations. As for the vehicles, in April, 46 cabins have been delivered on site and are now being assembled in the garage for their upcoming installation on the cable.

On the “Téléférik” site


« We have crossed a big milestone in 2020 which was mainly focused on the infrastructures »

SBTPC/SOGEA Reunion Works manager

Antoine Henry
Next steps


At the beginning of June, assisted by a drone, the teams will unwind the first cable between the towers. An unprecedented operation in our profession that our COMAG technicians master perfectly. Indeed, they have recently carried out the same intervention in the future Toulouse urban cable car project.


After the splicing that will complete the unwinding process, cabins can finally be hung on the cable, thereby giving to the locals an accurate idea of the final appearance of the future urban mobility system. Besides the system's technical and safety adjustments, the coming months will mainly be focused on the development of the areas around the stations. Constructions of park-and-ride facilities at Bancoul and Bois de Nèfles stations are planned as well as pedestrian walkways and the implementation of safety equipments in and around the stations. Le Chaudron bus station will also be redeveloped to fit the new adjustments. Thus, the commissioning of Saint-Denis de La Reunion gondola lift, planned for the second half of 2021, will offer a sustainable and multimodal transport solution to its users.

Reminder of the project


Télécabine urbaine POMA Réunion

Saint-Denis’ 2.68 km-long gondola lift will link Chaudron to Bois de Nèfles districts via Moufia in only 14 minutes.

The “Téléférik” project comes from the local population strong desire, in agreement with the elected representatives, to establish a compact, fast and sustainable means of transport in the city. This very first urban ropeway will make the traffic on the island flows more freely and it will also enables to create an economic dynamic within the districts with new living areas and local shops such as for Chaudron and Bois de Nèfles (right by the new high school).




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