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POMA Vietnam

POMA Vietnam, proximity and trust

In 2001, POMA built the first tourist installation in Vietnam, and set up its subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh in 2017. The choice to set up a subsidiary in the region reflects a strong desire to support projects in a sustainable manner and to be present alongside operators throughout the life of their installations. Thus, POMA Vietnam supports the service operations of all POMA systems in the East Asia region and leads the development of new tourism projects in Vietnam, Myanmar and Taiwan.


POMA Vietnam

Technical and commercial assistance 24 hours a day

POMA Vietnam is the preferred point of contact for East Asian customers whenever they encounter a technical problem or any other need. With the creation of POMA Vietnam, customers obtain an immediate response to the most urgent technical problems or if repairs are required due to unexpected external events.


Maintenance level monitoring

POMA Vietnam guarantees the level of service and maintenance of its customers' ropeways. Frequent inspections and operations on each system ensure that customers maintain a high level of safety and availability. The solutions offered are always optimised from a performance as well as budgetary point of view.


Development of new projects

POMA Vietnam supports the design and construction of new ropeway and gondola projects. Sharing the same language and the same culture as well as having a permanent local presence allows us to understand the regional market and anticipate the needs of urban or tourist mobility.

POMA Vietnam key figures






POMA Vietnam provides a local service


1st EVO gondola lift

in the world in Yen Tu


99.99% availability rate

of the Maokong gondola (Taiwan) for 10 years

By strengthening the Group’s presence in East Asia through its subsidiary, POMA is able to guarantee a high level of maintenance for current installations and provide efficient and rapid service to customers in each of the countries where POMA Vietnam operates. This proximity allows us to support our customers at all times, sharing not only the same time zone, but also strong cultural ties.

Technical sales director of POMA Vietnam

Anh Tuan DO
POMA Vietnam

at the service of operation and maintenance

Annual maintenance plan for each system

By adapting the regulatory preventive maintenance plan to the needs of each customer, POMA Vietnam draws up a specific annual maintenance plan for each ropeway system. This plan ensures high-level maintenance while minimising downtime and costs to the customer.

Iconic projects

Télécabine touristique POMA Maokong


The Maokong gondola lift is located in a historic area of the Taiwanese capital, connecting Taipei Zoo and Maokong. It is one of the largest in the world, spanning four kilometres. Ensuring the synchronisation of its 5 sections and the interconnection of its 6 stations constituted a true technological challenge.

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Vin Pearl

In Vietnam, the famous POMA gondola lift from Vin Pearl flies over the sea to reach an island and its luxury resort.

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Télécabine touristique POMA Yen tu

Yen TU

The Buddhist temples of the sacred mountain of Yen Tu welcome many pilgrims and tourists. In 2017, two new gondola lifts were built, including New Yen Tu 1, which complements the mobility offer by doubling the Yen Tu 1 gondola lift.

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POMA Vietnam, CCIFV, 15F, Landmark, 5B Ton Duc Thang, D1, HCMC, Vietnam

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