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South Korea, the land of ropeway transport
POMA Korea

The history between POMA and South Korea unfolds around our passion for ropeways.


South Korea is a nation that loves winter sports. POMA supported the development of Korean resorts from the outset, and more than sixty ropeway systems have been installed to equip its ski areas.

At the same time, for the past ten years or so, we have witnessed a dazzling development of tourism along the coastline of the Land of Morning Calm. Indeed, many public and private investment opportunities have emerged, for which ropeway mobility has become the bedrock for an attractive and comprehensive tourism offer. Its many cities and metropolises are implementing a host of imaginative ideas to attract tourists to their beautiful, very rugged coasts, dotted with thousands of islands and popular beaches (a coastline of more than 2,000 km).

These numerous ropeway transport projects have benefited from the unique know-how of POMA, set up by the POMA Korea team. By building very close ties with local customers and partners, our experts are supporting new projects as well as service operations.



POMA Korea

After sales activities

The POMA Korea subsidiary plays a decisive role in the customer service for POMA ropeway transport systems in South Korea. Through regular interactions with customers, it provides concrete and specific solutions to resolve their operation and maintenance issues throughout the life of the systems, and even offers targeted assistance to improve their performance.

POMA Korea also supports its customers at each stage, including  maintenance, inspection, revision and renovation of the systems. Resolve, know-how, commitment and proximity make all the difference.

POMA Korea key figures

record medaille


first POMA surface lift installed in Yongpyeong






systems in operation


2,4 km

longest 2S installation in Sacheon

Alongside its partners, POMA has been a leader in Korea for more than 30 years. Since 2017, the Group has come even closer to its customers with the creation of the local structure, POMA Korea, to support them in the operation and maintenance of their ropeway transport systems, but of course, to work on new projects as well.

Director, POMA Korea

Edouard Dovillaire
POMA Korea

Iconic projetcs

POMA Korea

Sacheon Ocean Cable Car

POMA Korea

Mokpo Marine Cable Car

POMA Korea

Yeosu Cable Car


Nobel B/D 5F., 16, Teheran-ro 78-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Korea

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