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POMA Beijing

POMA Beijing, a market leader

In 1987, POMA embarked on a project in China to construct a gondola lift for the Great Wall. China is a country engaged in developing remarkable projects for tourist sites and ski resorts. As a pioneer, the POMA Group decided in 2007 to create POMA Beijing and set up long-term operations in China to meet customer expectations.

POMA Beijing encompasses all sales, administration, assembly and after-sales service activities for POMA systems.



Construction of new POMA devices and project management

With its rich experience gained over the past 20 years in China, POMA Beijing offers new systems and provides technical support for the many transport systems designed by the Group.

After-sales service and technical support

POMA Beijing provides local customers with maintenance management and technical support for ropeways in operation.

Production of equipment for the local market

POMA Beijing has a license to manufacture custom equipment for transport systems meeting the standards imposed by the Chinese supervisory authorities, but goes further by applying the European regulatory framework.

Provider of packaged ropeway solutions, snow groomers and snowmaking systems

POMA Beijing is also in charge of the sale and after-sales service of snow groomers and snowmaking systems on behalf of PRINOTH and DEMACLENKO in China. These products developed by the group are high-performance snow equipment, which completes its integrated service offer. POMA Beijing thus offers packaged solutions to the country's ski areas.

POMA Beijing key figures





More than 100



ISO 9001




First POMA representative office in China


14 millions

passengers have already travelled on the Huashan gondola lift

nombre de lignes

Over 80

detachable devices in 19 provinces

record medaille

1st triangle gondola lift

in the world, flying over Chimelong Safari Park

POMA Beijing has consolidated its leadership position in the national ropeways market with state-of-the-art technology, innovative design and sustainable solutions. We are committed to offering global, eco-friendly and packaged solutions to continuously help our customers achieve excellence.

POMA Beijing Director

Jie Zhu
temoignage POMA Beijing
POMA Beijing official supplier

of the 2022 Winter Olympics

POMA Beijing has won the contract to prepare the tracks for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics with Prinoth, which will supply 53 snow groomers for preparation of the tracks for all ski disciplines. POMA Beijing is managing the entire project with a turnkey service, from financing to the maintenance of ropeways and snow equipment. A unique offer on the market which has won over the Olympic authorities

Iconic Projects


POMA designed Shaanxi Taihua Tourism Ropeway Road, a gondola lift that transports tourists and pilgrims to the top of Mount Huashan, 2,120 metres away in the heart of China’s central Shaanxi province.

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téléphérique 3S POMA Zhuhai Chine


In China, POMA has built the world’s first three interconnected tri-cable ropeways system (3S) for the Chimelong Group, the world’s 6th largest entertainment group.

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Telemix POMA Cuiyunshan Chine


A superb 6/8 Telemix®, combining 6-seater chairs with protective hoods and 8-person Diamond cabins, was deployed in Cuiyunshan, a new station near Chongli, four hours by road from Beijing.

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Mangniuhe Rd. No. 57, Yanqi Economic Development Zone, Huairou District, Beijing City, P.R. China

POMA Beijing

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If you use this application, you can contact POMA Beijing directly on the Wechat social network. (POMA波马索道)

Also find its DEMACLENKO snowmaking systems Wechat (迪马克造雪) and its PRINOTH snow groomers Wechat (意大利PRINOTH普瑞诺特压雪机)

POMA Beijing

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