Collet d’Allevard is showing off their new Claran eeZii ®6 DCL6


On Friday, January 6, Philippe Langenieux-Villard, regional counsellor and mayor of Allevard;  Michel Bellin-Croyat, mayor of La Chapelle-du-Bard; and Francis Gimbert, president of the association of Grésivaudan municipalites inaugurated the first 6-seater detachable grip chairlift in Collet d’Allevard (France).

Almost 200 people came to watch the incredible fireworks show that illuminated the eeZii® DCL6.

The eeZii’s® environmentally friendly approach is based on efficiency and performance. It reduces the environmental footprint of POMA ropeways by 20 to 30% during the chairlift installation phase.

In Collet d'Allevard, POMA beat their own record and was able to hoist the complete station, weighing 53 tonnes, in just a few hours.  

The construction for the Claran chairlift lasted a little under four months and took into account environmental factors like the lifecycle of the surrounding  fauna.

This installation is part of a restructuring project initiated by the ski area to replace ageing equipment with installations that will double the current capacity and boost summer operations (hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, and access to panoramic views).