vegasInstalled in London to celebrate the new millennium, The London Eye (London – England) is 135 meters high and is among the highest observation wheels in the world.

POMA ENTERTAINMENT – SIGMA participated in the construction by designing the 32 capsules. These capsules are air-conditioned, equipped with a multimedia system and can carry up to 25 people.

The self-rotating capsules turn on an axis that keeps the floor constantly horizontal. The curved optical-quality laminated glass, a POMA-exclusive technology, provides exceptional panoramic views.


vancouverBuilt in 2010, the Eye of the Wind (Vancouver - Canada) is a wind turbine that is 65 meters high, offering a tourist attraction through an integrated observation viewPOD at the top of the tower. The viewPOD is accessed via an elevator inside the wind turbine's mast.

Designed and manufactured by POMA ENTERTAINMENT – SIGMA, the Eye of the Wind offers 25 passengers a 360-degree view over the Grouse Mountain ski area and the Vancouver skyline.


highrollerThe highest and widest observation wheel in the world to this day, the High Roller (Las Vegas - USA) is 167 meters high with a diameter of 160 meters.

Inaugurated in 2014, the 28 capsules supplied by POMA ENTERTAINMENT – SIGMA can carry up to 40 people and are each equipped with flat-screen televisions.



macaoBuilt into the Studio City hotel and casino entertainment complex in 2015, The Golden Reel (Macau – China) is the site's main attraction.

The 17 steampunk-themed capsules designed by POMA ENTERTAINMENT – SIGMA can carry 10 passengers each. The cabins run along a figure-eight railing system without ever crossing paths.

Located on the 23rd floor, over 130 meters high, this Ferris wheel offers a grandiose view of the city and the South China Sea.


i360Located on the Brighton seafront in southern England, the highest vertical observation tower in the world, called the British Airways i360, opened on August 4 and brings 200 passengers on a unique journey 138 meters from the ground. The French POMA Group, specialized in ropeway transportation solutions, participated in the construction by designing the entire pod and drive system, including the impressive 18-meter diameter panoramic observation cabin. The cabin travels along the tower just like a vertical ropeway.