The cyclocable®

Today's cities are under increasing pressure to preserve the environment and generally promote the development of soft mobility, especially the use of bicycles. Now POMA and its subsidiary SKIRAIL have developed a lift specially designed for cyclists in towns. Its name is CYCLOCABLE®.

It's very easy to use: the cyclist simply rests his or her foot on a moving footplate called the "pedal" at the bottom of the lift. Towed by a cable, the "pedals" push the cyclist up the slope for an effortless climb. At the top, the "pedals" automatically retract to disappear below the surface of the road and travel back to the bottom in their underground housing.

The first lift of this type, known as the "bicycle lift", was invented in 1993 by Norwegian designer Jarle Wanvik. It is still in service in the city of Trondheim in Norway.

In 2008, the POMA Group, via its subsidiary SKIRAIL, signed a partnership agreement with Mr. Wanvik. Sixteen years of experience in operating the bicycle lift combined with POMA's seventy-three years of experience in cableways brought about the creation of CYCLOCABLE®, a modern system that meets European requirements and that has been developed with three key features in mind. It is:

  • Safe:  The "pedal" guarantees maximum safety by automatically dropping below the surface of the road if the cyclist wants to get off the lift before reaching the top of the hill. This specific technical feature, patented by SKIRAIL, eliminates any risk of collision with vehicles or pedestrians.  It makes CYCLOCABLE® compatible with the shared space concept so that users can use the lift safely alongside other road users.
  • Environmentally friendly: The lift is electrically powered. It is installed just below the ground. This configuration guarantees a very low noise level.
  • Economical: Fully automatic, the lift is a self-service facility requiring no operators. Construction work and integration on the site are very simple, making for very short installation lead times.

These three features make CYCLOCABLE® a product that is perfectly in line with the Sustainable Development and EcoMobility initiatives of today's cities.