CHIMELONG girafes 320 170Chimelong safari park is one of the largest animal parks in China. Its 2,000 acres of preserved nature welcome over eight million visitors per year! To provide the public with sumptuous views of the park and to fly over the wild animals in utter silence, POMA met the challenge of installing a state-of-the-art, 8-passenger detachable grip gondola lift, equipped with DirectDrive technology. This massive installation—with three sections and six stations—has safari-themed cabins decorated with white tigers, zebras and giraffes.

This gondola lift was built in 8 months flat— from the signing of the contract to opening to the public! On site, the 18 Chinese operators inaugurated the UPILOT® training program, using POMA’s innovative 3D control simulator: a total success for this grand premier! Since its inauguration in January, where 25,000 visitors flew over the park on the first day, satisfaction is high.