POMA has been awarded the 2016 Hermès Innovation Award

vignette_prix_hermesOn June 14, Marc Giget—founder and scientific director of the Innovation Directors Club in Paris and the European Institute for Creative Strategies and Innovation—presented the 2016 Hermès Innovation Award in the category for "Improvements in Urban Living" to POMA.

The prestigious award saluting POMA's innovations in improving the well-being of urban dwellers around the world through their urban ropeway transportation solutions was received by Edouard Dovillaire, innovation director at POMA.

Created in 2009, the Hermès Innovation Awards honor companies and organizations that integrate state-of-the-art knowledge in products and services which improve the lives of individuals and society in general. Different categories are awarded each year: Human Development and Sustainable Development, Improvements of Human Conditions, Improvements in Human Relations, Improvements in Urban Living, Improvements in Working Conditions.