The 1st gondola lift in Peru inaugurated in the presence of President Kuczynski

KUELAP 320 170The new Kuelap fortress gondola was inaugurated in the presence of Mr Kuczynski , President of Peru, Mrs Araoz, Vice President, and Mr Ferreyros Minister of Tourism.

Perched at an altitude of 3,070 meters, the Kuelap fortress lies 72 km southeast from the Chachapoyas town (Peru) and is one of the oldest and the most important archaeological monuments in South America. The citadel spreads overs 6 hectares and comprises 420 circular buildings.

POMA built the very first gondola of the country, a 8 seater gondola lift that will give access to this historical site and make way for it to become one of the country’s major tourist attractions, together with Machu Picchu in the south. The new service will improve access to the site, making it easier, faster (20 minutes) and safer to reach, while preserving the site’s environment.

POMA joined forces with the Peruvian building company Ingenieros Civiles y Contratistas Generales S.A (ICCGSA) and created the “Consorcio Telecabinas Kuelap”. The Consorcio is responsible for building the gondola lift, and will own the concession for operating and maintenance operations of the gondola lift for the next twenty years.


  • Vertical rise: 663 m
  • Length: 4000 m
  • Transport capacity: 500 p / h
  • Speed: 6 m / s
  • Number of cabins: 26