The new Annaba gondola lift is reopening after 12 months of renovation

POMA_ANNABA_320170On Thursday, March 16, the new gondola lift in Annaba, Algeria was inaugurated in the presence of Boudjema Talai, minister of transport.

The ropeway—initially built in 1986 and renovated in 2008—underwent safety compliance upgrades for special inspections. The Diamond 6 cabins are now more spacious and comfortable. The gondola lift plays a major role for inhabitants and tourists as it connects Annaba to the town of Seraidi, dominating the city. Inhabitants who do not have a car can travel to Annaba in 15 minutes.

Mr. Boudjema Talai, minister of transport, not only inaugurated the new Annaba gondola lift but also officially renewed ETAC’s operation contract for the Oran gondola lift.

On Friday, March 17—the first day of operation—2,872 passengers rode the lift.


-Manufacturing year: 1986
-First renovation: 2008 (first), 2016 (second)
-Vertical rise: 840 m
-Length: 4150 m
-Number of towers: 32
-Carriers: 68 Diamond 6 cabins
-Nominal speed: 5 m/s