Two stations assembled and built at the beginning of the month

Assembling and building pre-fabricated stations, roof structures and shells offers a range of benefits for customers and assembly teams alike. POMA carried out two such operations in the Alps, in Châtel and Courchevel.

Benefits of assembling pre-fabricated stations


There are three major advantages to assembling pre-fabricated stations on site.

  • The various parts of the station can be installed simultaneously with all the components assembled beforehand. As a result, teams spend less time at the site and the environmental impact is considerably reduced.
  • Since assembly is carried out on the ground rather than at height, operators are guaranteed safer working conditions and the overall quality of the assembly is improved. Simpler working conditions mean it is easier to make adjustments, so any fine-tuning operations are quicker and more efficient.
  • This constructive arrangement provides flexibility in terms of building site organisation and gives us greater control over lead times.

assembly and building operations in Courchevel and Châtel

Courchevel, via the Société des 3 Vallées (S3V), has carried out large-scale building work over the past few years. Following the GD8 Ariondaz in 2017, the Grangettes gondola lift - with its increased capacity and higher transportation speed - will provide a more comfortable, efficient way of getting between Courchevel-Village 1550 and Courchevel 1850. Equipped with EVO cabins, the GD10 is designed for night-time use, so pedestrians will have access to it until 11 pm.
On Monday 1 October, our teams lifted the roof structure of the G2 station into place. The station was assembled on the ground to ensure it was perfectly adapted to the specific environment of the top station and in order to facilitate final installation of the structure.

Levage de gare chatel poma 2018

In Châtel, the Pierre Longue 6-seater detachable chairlift will replace the old lift, which was no longer able to cope with passenger flows. This is one of two lifts used to transport passengers to the Avoriaz station.
On Thursday 4 October, our teams installed the shell of the top station. Reduced time on the site guarantees a lower carbon footprint. This is an important stake in a project for a customer who specifically requested an environmentally responsible approach.


Our ski projects are now well and truly under way, to ensure a smooth start to the season for our customers.