Télésiège débrayable Treeline Cirque
United States – Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows (California) – 2019

Treeline Cirque

Leitner Poma of America, a long-standing partner of the Alpine Meadows ski resort, replaced the 1996 Hot Wheels fixed-grip chairlift this year with a new higher-performance 4-seater detachable chairlift, and took the opportunity to improve the route.

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With an additional 400 m of ascent, the Treeline Cirque now reaches Sherwood Ridge in five minutes. The former arrival station has become a middle station and enables skiers, hikers or cyclists to reach the slopes and paths more quickly. The journey effortlessly continues up to the slopes by the Sherwood Express with spectacular views of Lake Tahoe, especially since the Treeline Cirque can now even operate in high winds and bad weather.

Treeline Cirque

in motion

Télésiège débrayable Treeline Cirque




1554 m

Difference in elevation

316 m


2400 people / hour



5 m/s

Number of people per seat






Journey time

5 min

POMA, innovation

for the project

Middle station

The middle station allows you to descend from the chairlift at the same location as the former arrival station of Hot Wheels. Passengers who choose to stay and explore the remaining 400 m now have access to the top of the Sherwood Cliffs in 5 minutes, Art’s Knob Trail and all the slopes served by Sherwood Express (without having to cross Ray’s Rut or High Traverse).

More direct access

to the entire area

The Alpine Meadows slope, served by Treeline Cirque, is home to the resort’s largest, steepest and widest gullies, offering stunning views of Lake Tahoe and perfect ski conditions in winter. It used to take 15 minutes to go up with the Hot Wheels chairlift, and then a long crossing along Ray’s Rut when today it is done quickly and easily in less than 10 minutes!


and stability

The location and orientation of the new chairlift are slightly more protected than the other chairlifts on the crest line, so it continues to operate in strong wind and bad weather.

Shorter waiting time

During the past seasons, Summit Express was the main chairlift to reach these tracks and gullies from the bottom of the station, attracting a large crowd on snow days. With Treeline Cirque, skiers have two options; the crowds are more dispersed, waiting time is reduced and comfort is improved!

Treeline cirque in pictures

Télésiège débrayable Treeline Cirque
Télésiège débrayable Treeline Cirque
Télésiège débrayable Treeline Cirque
Télésiège débrayable Treeline Cirque
Télésiège débrayable Treeline Cirque
Télésiège débrayable Treeline Cirque

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