Groups and partnerships

Thanks to our unrivalled expertise, we are drawn to complex, incredible projects that assemble infrastructures and systems all over the world. These projects need a strong presence and are developed with specific and complimentary skills. Client-focused and with exceptional capacities for interface management, the POMA Group approaches these large projects with the help of different Groups/Partnerships depending on the project size. The POMA Group insures the design, installation, operation and maintenance of the systems integrated in the infrastructures by using their skilled project management capacities and immense mastery of these products.

I360an immense partnership for the highest ascending tower in the world

visuel_groupements_et_partenariats_copy_ENAfter construction of the prestigious London Eye in London in 2000, the same group of businesses that included Jacobs, Marks & Barfield, Hollandia and POMA, began the installation of the Brighton ascending tower I360.

This remarkable work is a world premiere. 162 metres high, with a capsule that rises up to138 metres above the ground, this seafront tourist attraction represents unrivalled technological prowess, linking engineering and innovation. The futuristic and unique design of the i360 will have an observation capsule equipped with curved windows and will be able to hold up to 200 visitors.

There will be a restaurant, boutique, exhibition area and specific installations to host events and conferences. The i360 will provide an exceptional panoramic view across the English Channel and the city.

Opening planned for 2016

A partnership at the top of Peru : the Kuelap Fortress

Located in Chachapoyas, capital of the Amazonas region, the Kuelap fortress is one of the most ancient and mysterious archaeological sites in Peru. Built in the 10th century, sitting atop a mountain elevated at more than 3,000m, this entirely walled fortress spreads across approximately 6 hectares.

POMA set up a partnership with the Peruvian company ICCGSA, leaders in construction for 50 years, to create the Consortio Telecabinas Kuelap company. This company will design and install the global project including the buildings, stations, the world's unique gondola that will link Nuevo Tingo city to the foot of the fortress.

The Consortio Telecabinas Kuelap is also in charge of operating and maintaining the gondolafor 20 years.

The Peruvian state will be offering northern Peru a spectacular tourist site and develop the rising economy of this Amazonian region. POMA meets a new challenge confirming the talent and expertise of the Group and management of their partnerships.

Opening in 2016

The Group / Partnership according to POMA

  •  Client-focus and Commitment
  •  Respect for cultures and specific issues
  •  Agility and Professionalism
  •  Mastering interfaces and project management for solid and lasting projects