Project installation

Unbeatable player in ropeway transportation for the last 80 years, every year POMA produces numerous installations. The POMA Group's expertise is widespread across the world thanks to their unrivalled project management, from design to installation, operation and maintenance.

Customer support by POMA: understanding, methodology and long-term commitment

realisation_projet_acc2Satisfying the client is POMA's raison d'être. Listening to the client places them at the heart of the decision process.

To meet ever increasing requirements, POMA offers solutions and takes charge of each step of the installation.

Refined methodology to provide optimal results :

  • Consultation, Design studies and Management in the first phases of the project complying to international regulations
  • Installation management complying to CSR commitments of the POMA Group
  • Project interfaces are managed by one person
  • Development, task management planning (project optimization)
  • Development of innovative processes for tasks that are adapted and optimized to the installations (pre-manufacture, pre-assembly, etc.)
  • Project support throughout the design study phases, installation, operation and maintenance

Project management according to POMA

  • Client-oriented and close-at-hand
  • Renowned expertise for all project types
  • Support from project design to installation
  • Support in operation - installation maintenance
  • Expert solutions
  • Commitment and Availability