Research & Development

For over 80 years, POMA has created innovative and concrete solutions to meet the needs of our diverse clients in over 80 countries, all over the world. We design and install our systems - and we also go a step further by offering operation and maintenance services. The technological expertise our group has amassed makes us the undeniable leader for innovation in the ropeway transportation industry.

Innovation, It's in our DNA

POMA's innovative spirit finds its roots in the Group's first baby steps : Jean Pomagalski imagined and created the first detachable grip surface lifts, that were followed by several innovation awards and patent filings every year.

All over the world, POMA dedicates our team's creativity to our clients and their projects : our clients’vision is the motor driving the Group's innovation.
We turn our innovative talents to environmental awareness, as well :  our expertise and know-how in organizing and conducting turnkey worksites makes us the most environmentally sustainable worksite managers in the industry.

POMA, Experience the future of energy and mobility

visuel_recherche_et_developpement2_copy_ENAs part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, POMA has opened our arms to collaborative projects and partnerships, bringing a spirit of cooperative design to the new systems thus created :

  • Partnership with SOMMITAL
  • Partnership with AXANE (subsidiary of AIR LIQUIDE)
  • Partnership with ASTRIUM, MILLENIUM and LIGERON

POMA is also a partner in the I2TC project (Interconnections between Public Transportation and Ropeway Technology) that adapts ropeway systems to urban transportation challenges by using overhead airspace.

The expertise of the Group removes technological obstacles and enables the development of new, concrete solutions for urban transportation.

The I2TC consortium brings 8 partners together to implement solutions to the challenges of sustainable development :

  • RATP
  • CD VIA
  • Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • École Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées de Paris Tech
  • École Centrale de Lyon 
  • POMA

Research and development projects

POMA and Eiffage are working on a project that imagines what the city of Grenoble could be like in the year 2030. This research project is called "Phosphore" and aims at defining what a sustainablecity is by using a systematic approach.

The ASTAINABLE project (EGIS, GDF SUEZ, EIFFAGE, POMA, ENODO, Pierre Gauthier Architecture), is a pioneering project.
This project will bring together a large panel of French urban design experts to develop the sustainable city. The designs will be illustrated through  video gaming technology, providing a virtual experience of the city ; this direct viewer immersion helps to provide an intuitive understanding of the project and the proposed solutionsThis project is based on the needs of Astana, Kazakh city which is seeing unprecedented growth. Through this project, Astanta hopes to become a model for attractive and sustainable urban development. 

Participation in the organization of ropeway transportation (Europe, Russia, China, etc.)
POMA's leadership position in ropeway transportation makes us a go-to expert in the domain. POMA participates in drawing up ropeway transportation regulations and partners with governments all over the world, to work toward the standardization of international regulations.

The POMA EcoCable project
The POMA EcoCable project has two objectives:

  • Recommendations for ropeway system operators
  • Reduction in power consumption

This project carries the Cluster Montagne label and its first phase is sponsored by the ADEME.

Research and Development by POMA

  • Innovation to imagine and create the future of ropeway transportation.
  • Solid partnerships to meet the requirements of today's urban transportation challenges, worldwide.