POMA plays an active part in “France-Colombia Year”

ANNEE FRANCE COLOMBIE 170 320The first “Year” organised in a Spanish-speaking country, this “France-Colombia Year 2017” celebrates the co-operation and friendship existing between Colombia and France. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen relations between the two countries, extend this co-operation to new disciplines and to update the image each country may have of the other.

It is likewise an opportunity to enhance economic exchanges which have already been growing for several years, to the extent that France is today the leading foreign employer in Colombia. A programme of over 700 events was implemented on both sides of the Atlantic in such varied fields as culture, the economy, gastronomy, scientific research, higher education, sport and new technologies.

POMA, which has a local subsidiary based in Medellin employing some forty people, decided to support this “Year” by committing as a sponsor. Our commitment with Colombia goes beyond this sponsorship, because POMA Colombia has, moreover, been certified for its corporate social responsibility since 2015. This certification recognises its involvement in the communities lying within “Metrocable’s” sphere of influence, fostering enhancement of social town planning, allowing the local residents to become engaged in these urban transformations.