POMA was born in the mountains. We took our first steps in the snow. And the mountains have made us who we are. It is here, in this difficult and sometimes harsh environment, that the Group created our identity and developed what has become one of our main qualities: our ability to adapt. We have been pioneers and innovators in ropeway transportation systems since 1936. We strive not only for excellence in serving our customers and users, but also for excellence in smooth and sustainable mobility.

POMA. Climbing peaks for over 80 years


We bring pleasure to skiers and operators alike, all over the world. And we've been doing it for decades. Every day, each and every one of us here at POMA participates in this extraordinary adventure that is the POMA experience. All over the world, our passion shines. Commitment, comfort, peace of mind, efficiency and responsibility are our guiding principles.

POMA is a true trailblazer in the snow industry. The Group continues to conceive innovations that provide reliable and efficient transportation to mountain lovers all over the world.

  • First surface lift with detachable rods
  • First fixed grip chairlift in the USA
  • First automatic gondola lift and first 4- and 6-seater gondola lifts
  • First detachable grip chairlift that is the fastest in the world (speed of 6 m/s)
  • First Telemix
  • And finally, the biggest aerial tramway in the world—the Vanoise Express—that can transport 200 passengers!

We’re proud to be seen at the Olympic Games in Vancouver, Turin and Sochi. POMA's expertise has won the world over!.

POMA. Pure happiness for skiers and operators alike

Quick, energy-efficient, silent and clean transportation providing unrivalled comfort. That's the POMA promise. And it has been for several decades.

POMA designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of products that meet even the most demanding operators:

  • Solutions to meet even the most challenging situations
  • Installations are designed to meet operator objectives for new installations or for adaptation to existing installations
  • Very high availability rates
  • Long term support
  • Environmental and economical challenges are understood and taken into account
  • Environmentally friendly solutions, products and processes

POMA designs and installs systems with sleek lines that blend into the natural environment. Our carriers provide innovative panoramic views and are accessible for all.


High-performance. Quintessential quality. Our products meet your requirements

  • Telecord
  • Aerial tramway
  • Surface lift
  • Funicular railway
  • 3S
  • Telemix®
  • Detachable grip chairlift
  • Fixed grip chairlift

Extraordinary installations. All over the world

  • Detachable grip 3S aerial ropeway Prodains Express - Avoriaz (France)
  • Detachable grip chairlift Les Colosses - La Plagne (France)
  • Detachable grip chairlift H1 Section 1 & 2 - Rosa Khutor, Sochi (Russia)
  • Gondola lift 10 - Daemyung Vivaldi Park (South Korea)
  • Telemix Laliky Express - Donovaly (Slovakia)®
  • Telemix Les Jeux - l’Alpes d’Huez (France)®
  • Fixed grip chairlift Envers du Col - Valfréjus (France)
  • Fixed grip chairlift La Combe / Mont Noble- Nax (Switzerland)
  • Fixed grip chairlift Kang Dori - Gulmarg (India)
  • Gondola lift Les Plattières - Méribel-Mottaret (France)
  • Gondola lift Plan Joran - Chamonix (France)
  • Gondola lift G or S - Changbaishan (China)
  • Gondola lift Good Aura - Gudauri (Georgia)
  • Detachable grip chairlift Orchard Express, Blue Mountain, Minnesota (USA)

POMA and the snow

  • Expertise and know-how
  • Master of turnkey installations
  • Product durability and reliability
  • Commitment and availability
  • Customer-focus and flexibility