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Commercial subsidiaries and Industrial sites of POMA, a French industrial medium-sized company
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A global chain

led by POMA,

Since its inception, POMA has set out to conquer international markets and has installed transport solutions across the globe.
Aware of the need to stay close to its customers and its installations, and in order to drive international development, POMA is rapidly deploying a network of commercial subsidiaries and representatives. POMA creates the connection, and generates jobs and value around the world.

This international growth is based on an efficient French industrial tool, with all the subsidiaries located in the Rhône-Alpes basin, the Group’s birthplace. POMA continues to invest each year to strengthen its industrial power and promote Made In France worldwide.

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Commercial Subsidiary

POMA Colombia

POMA Colombia is consolidating its local presence in close proximity to its Colombian and Latin American customers and is crossing a milestone: as an equipment supplier, it now offers comprehensive solutions.

Industrial Site


COMAG is the expert in assembly and maintenance of ropeway transport systems

Commercial Subsidiary


BACO AG markets and manufactures new POMA installations for ski resorts and tourist sites in Switzerland.

Commercial Subsidiary

POMA Beijing

POMA Beijing encompasses all sales, administration, assembly and after-sales service activities for POMA systems.

Commercial Subsidiary

POMA Egypt

Thanks to this competence center based in North Africa, POMA EGYPT supports the development of POMA in the region.Thanks to its technical experience in a complex environment and its knowledge of the territory, cable transport is developing in Africa as well as Middle East.

Commercial Subsidiary Industrial Site


A subsidiary of the POMA Group since 1960, SACMI specialises in mechanical welding, machining, installation and assembly of mechanical sub-assemblies for ropeway transport systems.

Commercial Subsidiary

POMA Korea

The POMA Korea subsidiary plays a decisive role in the customer service for POMA ropeway transport systems in South Korea.

Commercial Subsidiary

Leitner-Poma of America

LPOA leverages its experience and know-how to build ropeway transport installations in the United States and Canada, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Industrial Site


SEMER, POMA’s subsidiary, specialises in the engineering and manufacturing of electrical equipment and industrial automation for ropeway transport systems. It is recognised worldwide for its know-how in electrical engineering, safety-instrumented systems, process control and industrial automation.

Commercial Subsidiary

POMA Vietnam

Thus, POMA Vietnam supports the service operations of all POMA systems in the East Asia region and leads the development of new tourism projects in Vietnam, Myanmar and Taiwan.

Industrial Site


For more than 50 years, this long-standing subsidiary of POMA has specialised in the design, manufacture and final assembly of cabins for passenger transport.
SIGMA’s know-how extends beyond a standard product catalogue. The company also designs and manufactures tailor-made cabins for the POMA Group’s special projects such as funiculars, APMs and observation wheel capsules.

Commercial Subsidiary


L’ETAC est en charge pour l’ensemble du territoire algérien des études de faisabilité, de la réalisation des nouveaux appareils de transport par câble, de l’exploitation et de la maintenance des installations existantes.

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For more than 80 years, POMA has made cable transport the technology of the future for sustainable and pleasant transport. All over the world, from mountains to cities, from tourism to science and industry, POMA is recognized for its ability to design, build, operate and maintain innovative and eco-responsible transport solutions.