On the new biggest Observation wheel in the world,

the “Ain Dubai” capsules are installed

Barely 2 years after the launch of the project, POMA has finalized the installation of 48 non-standard capsules on Bluewaters Island, in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).


Innovating and rising to new challenges:

the POMA Group’s DNA

At the beginning of 2019, Hyundai Engineering & Construction awarded leading ropeway transportation company, POMA, the EPCI contract* to provide the 48 capsules for the world's newest and biggest observation wheel “Ain Dubai”.
POMA has been designing and building largescale projects in the Entertainment sector for many years. A project of this scale calls for the highest levels of technological expertise, combined with unparalleled know-how.


Forty-eight outsized and completely original capsules, each able to accommodate up to 40 people, were designed, built and installed in a record time of less than 24 months.

A world record!

Capsules 250 meters high

Located 500 metres from the coasts of JBR beach and Dubai Marina, the observation wheel “Ain Dubai” (“the Dubai eye”) will offer its guests a panoramic view of the city and the bay, while setting the new height world record of 250m (twice the size of the London Eye).


the preferred partner

Innovating and designing exactly the right engineering solutions while guaranteeing safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, is part of POMA's DNA.

The Group has, in particular, fine-tuned its engineering expertise and its unique technical prowess in the sector through involvement in the delivery of numerous special projects:

  • Big observation wheels in London with the London Eye and in Las Vegas with the High Roller
  • Other complex projects, in particular the incredible British Airways i360 observation tower in Brighton…
  • Regular provision of capsules for smaller observation wheels: Baku, Chicago, Hong Kong…
en savoir +
Unique know-how

for fast track projects

As well as mastering the technology to successfully complete complex projects, POMA benefits from an agile organization enabling close joint-construction with the customer or managing the Group's multicultural and multi-expert teams and its subcontractors, who, for the “Ain Dubai” project, were coordinated from France but based in seven countries on four different continents.

The design and manufacture of the 48 capsules for “Ain Dubai” was a fast track project, carried out in under two years. This project clearly demonstrates the French Group's ability to export its services, tackle innovative projects and handle tight deadlines.

Confronted by the uncertainty of the health crisis, POMA's teams had to adapt almost continuously to deliver the 48 capsules and limit the impact on the construction site to a minimum.

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Consortium leader POMA and EGIS have been tasked with a cable transportation project for the city of Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. POMA will implement the first urbain ropeways in Ulaanbaatar.

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French ski championships parasports & adapted sports

At the beginning of March, 30 employees took part in actions to help organise the French ski championships, Parasports in Peisey Vallandry, then Adapted Sports in Lelex – Mont Jura.

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Discover the POMA valley lifts

Depuis quelques années, les stations repensent leurs accès depuis la vallée ; une réflexion portée sur plus de durabilité, de confort et de respect de l’environnement. Les ascenseurs valléens représentent une réponse concrète à ces enjeux

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Mokpo’s tourist gondola lift, opened in early September

An impressive ceremony was held to inaugurate the Mokpo Marine Cablecar tourist gondola lift on Friday 6 September. A great opportunity to take a closer look at POMA and the Korean market.

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Portrait of Jean Pomagalski

When he created his very first surface lift, did Jean Pomagalski imagine that POMA would establish itself as one of the world leaders in ropeway transport by offering ever more innovative and leading-edge solutions? That these solutions would leave the mountain peaks to find their place in many fields, for various applications: sports, tourism, urban mobility or in the service of science and industry?

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Ascenseurs valléens

the valley lifts

In recent years, the resorts have been rethinking their access from the valley; a reflection on more sustainability, comfort and respect for the environment.

The valley lifts represent a concrete response to these challenges:


  • • they give access to the mountain in a fast and fun way, and can also respond to other challenges such as ensuring the daily trips of the premises, the transport of equipment or waste.


  • • they also constitute a relevant low-carbon public transport solution to the problem of pollution in the mountains, resulting mainly from road trips to the accesses of the stations.
Recent valley lifts

in pictures


The municipality invested in the renovation of its emblematic funicular railway. The “Arcs Express” offers a direct link between Les Arcs and the railway network in just  7 minutes, 7 days a week.

The new trainsets which have a glass roof and which,thanks to the driver’s station moved to the center of the cabin, offers new panoramic spaces at the front and at the rear for an exceptional view of the valley. 100% electric, for an eco-responsible approach, the municipality of Bourg Saint Maurice also wished to pay particular attention to the integration of the funicular into its environment through an elegant design and careful LED lighting.

Arcs Express Funicular

in motion

Ascenseurs valléens


The Alpe Express already connects the centre of the resort to the ski front, and soon phase 2 of the project will connect the village of Huez. The gondola lift is a zero-particle mode of transport that effectively replaces the traffic handled by numerous road shuttle services previously.

The lift is equipped with the DirectDrive® solution and the Cable Position System, an on-board safety device. This unique mode of transport will be the first peri-urban system to operate without an agent in France.

The Alpe Express

in motion

Ascenseurs valléens


A valley lift now connects the resort of Gudauri to the town of Kobi. This infrastructure will also make some snowy areas more accessible, areas that sometimes could not even be reached in June!


Lift 9

In motion

Ascenseurs valléens


For a quick journey to the heart of the three valleys, the 2001 POMA gondola lift connecting Saint-Martin-de-Belleville with the Les Ménuires resort was renovated.

First in terms of its electrics, with the latest advances from SEMER, but also more noticeably for users, since the number of gondolas increased from 48 to 64, for more space and added comfort. Capacity has increased to 2,400 p/h.

Saint-Martin de Belleville

Ascenseurs valléens


The city of Lianshi, in Guizhou province, wanted to move towards mountain tourism. This is how Meihuashan International Ski Resort was born on the heights of the city, around a 4-season offer, combining winter sports, with the creation of a ski resort, and outdoor sports activities.

POMA then accompanied the economic metamorphosis of Lianshi with the construction of two “Meihuashan Lift” gondolas of nearly 10km which now provide the link between the former mining town and the mountain carrying 1,500 passengers per hour. At the intermediate station, visitors can enjoy the panoramic restaurant, located a stone’s throw from the new cable car.

The second section then takes them to the ski area, hotels and small shops in the resort. New leisure activities within reach of the city, in just a few minutes.

Meihuashan Lift

in motion

Ascenseurs valléens


Like the Grangettes gondola lift, the new Le Praz gondola lift and its 47 EVO gondolas featuring LED lighting and equipped with solar panels will link the village of Le Praz, where a car park was recently added, and the centre of Courchevel year-round.

During the world championships, which Courchevel will host in 2023, this ropeway will carry the crowds directly to the foot of the snowshoe trail and will be the main gondola lift during the competition.

Le Praz

en images

Ascenseurs valléens


A new gondola lift now connects the village of Loudenvielle to the resort of Peyragudes in less than 9 minutes.

The Skyvall gondola lift is the central feature of a new comprehensive range of tourist activities, in which skiing, hiking, mountain biking and wellness can be combined according to the season, with the appropriate equipment. Another major advantage of this valley lift is that it should reduce car traffic and thus significantly decrease CO2 emissions in the valley.


en images

Ascenseurs valléens

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Mokpo’s tourist gondola lift, opened in early September

An impressive ceremony was held to inaugurate the Mokpo Marine Cablecar tourist gondola lift on Friday 6 September. A great opportunity to take a closer look at POMA and the Korean market.

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LPOA is modernizing Colorado iconic stations

LPOA is modernizing Colorado iconic stations

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Télécabine touristique POMA Mokpo
Mokpo’s tourist gondola lift,

opened in early September

An impressive ceremony was held to inaugurate the Mokpo Marine Cablecar tourist gondola lift on Friday 6 September.
A great opportunity to take a closer look at POMA and the Korean market.

POMA and South Korea


South Korea, with more than 50 million inhabitants, is a powerhouse of Asia’s economy. POMA and South Korea’s story began almost 40 years ago, when the first ropeways were installed to accompany the development of the ski resorts. The first POMA surface lift was installed in Yongpyong, not only the first but also the largest ski resort in South Korea, created in 1975. Since then, more than 60 POMA lifts have been set up in the Korean ski areas.
This market is now relatively stable, after the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, which contributed significantly to the structuring of the mountain landscape. Later, the market reached a turning point in tourism with projects popping up along the Yellow Sea, the Sea of Japan to the east and the Korea Strait in the south, which surrounds 90% of the country. The many cities and metropolises compete with imagination to attract tourists to these beautiful, very rugged coasts, scattered with many islands and popular beaches.

Télécabine touristique POMA Mokpo


The tourist project inaugurated on 6 September connects the city of Mokpo to the island of Gohado. The link is more than 3 km long and passes through the famous Yudalsan Sculpture Park, where you will find Gatbawi Rock, a site popular with Koreans and international tourists alike. The trip, aboard one of the 55 glass gondolas, is accessible to people with reduced mobility to offer all travellers an unrestricted view of the city, the archipelago and the ocean at an unprecedented and impressive height of almost 150 m at its highest peak, from the highest cement tower ever made in the world.

Another record held by the Mokpo gondola lift: its gondolas fly over the ocean for 1.2 km, making it the longest rope span between two towers in the world for a single-rope device!

“It was impossible to put the towers in the sea, so as not to interfere with shipping traffic. Starting from this major technical constraint, the POMA teams came up with a never-before-seen solution. As a result, with the Mokpo gondola lift POMA has signed its largest span and the tallest tower ever made for a single-rope device!”


Igor IUNDT, Project System Engineer

Inauguration’s pictures

Télécabine touristique POMA Mokpo
Télécabine touristique POMA Mokpo
Télécabine touristique POMA Mokpo

The middle station has an angle of 68°. It allows the gondola lift, once the stretch of water has been crossed, to reach the city of Mokpo by flying over Dalseong Park, the 12 monumental sculptures of Yudalsan, the sanctuaries and the numerous hiking paths on this mountain, while preserving this unique site.

LPOA réalisations 2019
LPOA is modernizing

Colorado iconic stations

In the United States, LPOA is modernizing iconic stations



American Eagle

Copper Mountain, located 120km from Denver, is one of Colorado's favorite resorts.  With naturally divide piste rankings helps keep skier abilities separated in zones.  Unlike most ski resorts, Copper offers beginner terrain far West, intermediate in the middle and expert and open bowl skiing to the East. With a summit elevation of 3,753m Copper ranks in with the highest ski terrain in America. The American Eagle is Leitner Poma's first Telemix lift.  Six place chairs and eight place Sigma gondolas, services gentle slopes and the Solitude Station restaurant. The Eagle is one of three Direct Drive ropeways provided in America this year. The new lift increases capacity by 33% to 3200 pph.  The gondola operation is a favorite with the passengers heading to lunch at the Solitude restaurant.


  • Lenght : 1905 m
  • Capacity : 3200
  • Vertical rise : 452 m
  • Number of cabins : 26
  • Speed : 5 m/s
  • Number of passengers per seats: 6


American Flyer

The American Flyer, located at Copper Mountain Colorado, may well be the longest bubble chairlift in the world.  Its impressive slope length of 3009 meters and its 182 six place blue bubble chairs makes it among the largest ever. It replaces an aging 1986 POMA 4-seater detachable chairlift and it is equipped with one of America's first Direct Drive models. At a very high top elevation of 3541 meters, subjects passengers to very cold and windy weather conditions.  The bubble enclosures are very popular with Coppers guests.  The string of blue bubble chairs places a very visible signature on the mountain unlike any other major resort.


  • Lenght : 3009 m
  • Capacity : 2400
  • Vertical rise : 580 m
  • Number of seats : 182
  • Speed : 5 m/s
  • Number of passengers per seat : 6
LPOA réalisations 2019


Winter Park is one of Americas oldest ski resorts, it opened in 1939. Train service from Denver makes this one of Colorado's favorite ski resorts. Very popular with Denver and the Front Range skiers, Winter Park is among the largest resorts in America. Exclusively, Leitner Poma has provided all their lifts since the early 1980's. The Zephyr DCL4, which is named after the trans-continental train connection that travels through the base area, was replaced this summer. The new 10-passenger gondola lift is a significant upgrade for the resort and provides day and night access to the mountain top “Sunspot” restaurant.The gondola, which uses Sigma 10 place cabins, is 1714 meters in length and 3600 pph in both directions.


  • Lenght : 11714 m
  • Capacity : 3600
  • Vertical rise : 489 m
  • Number of cabins : 75
  • Speed : 5,5 m/s
  • Number of passengers per seats: 10
LPOA réalisations 2019
LPOA réalisations 2019
LPOA réalisations 2019